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Organized Time...Money In The Bank

Aug 17, 2007
I can't think of anyone that doesn't want more money. It's pretty clear that either a second job or a business on the side is required to meet that need. The problem is how to find the time to do that in our hectic day to day routines.

It seems we are all very busy without enough hours in the day. However, if we really look for it, there is time available if we become more efficient in our use of time. It will mean doing things a little different each day. I think we can all agree that TV is the greatest time stealer aver invented. The programs, even the news, are cleverly constructed to continually lead us on until we have wasted a lot of precious time nearly every day. We need to keep in mind the objective of the additional income is to allow us a better life where we can have the time to live it fully. That makes it worthwhile to give up some temporary habits that are stealing time and making the sacrifice for the great reward.

In order to find more time we need to manage our use of it on a daily basis. A good way to start is to make a list of what we do now every day and edit that list to determine what is a required daily task what is an optional daily task. The optional tasks are the ones where we can find the extra time we need to allow us to redirect it to gainful objectives. Print up lists with the required daily tasks, these lists should have spaces where we can enter the tasks we need to do tomorrow to accomplish our income objectives instead of the old optional tasks that were wasting our time.

I know you probably don't like routines or feeling like you are in a rut each day filling out your list of things to do tomorrow, however if you keep a picture, in your mind, of how your life will be when you have succeeded in your income goals, it will be much easier. A good thing to do is to find a picture that shows how you want things to be in your future, a beautiful beach on a Caribbean Island, a snow covered mountain peak, lazy clouds floating over a serene sea, green pastures and tall, glorious trees, just peaceful easy living. When you have found that perfect picture print it on your daily routine lists.

Once you have started this program of making your daily list and moving forward you will find that things will become easier in general, you will continually improve your use of time and will become successful in your goals. You will be able to take the knowledge you have gained by organizing your daily routine and apply it to your income producing endeavor and will make it much more efficient.

Procrastination is the killer of success, don't put it off at all, just do it now! Don't let unanswered mail, snail mail or email, pile up. If it's important act on it at once or, if it is not important, delete it or round file it and forget it.

Remember, successful people are organized and they don't waste valuable time. Don't you want success? Of course you do. Get organized and win.
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