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How Powerful An Idea Can Be

Jun 19, 2008
My eyes were opened to the amount of opportunities that one idea can bring. That is what I want to

I want you to print off this article or write down all the things that one idea can potentially do for your business and keep it close by to motivate you at all times.

An idea can have the power to dramatically increase your response rate to however you are communicating with your customers. Increasing the response rate to your product launches, responding to your blog, opening your emails, whatever it is, one single idea can increase it.

Testing one idea against another is exactly what renowned copywriter, Michel Fortin does all the time. That's the power of an idea as he is able to make slight changes to test what provides the highest response rate.

Whatever you are looking to increase, whether it be increasing your conversion ratio, the number of leads to your website or increasing the traffic that your website generates - an idea has the power to do so. In turn your sales will increase and also your profitability.

I had a great opportunity to work very closely with John Childers and really see how he is able to maximize his profitability from each of his seminars. He is one of the most promoters and seminar speakers out there because he has a bunch of amazing ideas to minimize his expenses, in turn maximizing his profitability.

He is very profitable at what he does and it all stems on little ideas to maximize sales, minimize expenses.

The power of an idea can also increase your distribution of your products or services. It can increase the speed to market, in which you get your idea from concept to cash. It can increase the reach, or the number of people that your message gets to.

This is what an idea can do. One idea can do all of these things.

One idea can increase the perceived value and quality of your products. From this that idea can also increase the number of referrals that you get for your business.

Increasing your subscriber list and customer base is also what one idea has the power to do. One idea can increase your likeability. Have you ever wondered how you could get more customers to be drawn to you? Changing one simple thing could increase your likeability dramatically - thats the power of one idea.

Your ideas can actually increase the number of people wanting to do business with you. I experienced this very recently at an event called the Big Seminar.

I held my own seminar called the Idea Incubator earlier in the year, and the success of that one idea had all kinds of people approaching me, wanting to do joint ventures. That is the power of an idea. It can also increase your efficiency.

Have you ever gone through your own purchasing process? One idea can reduce the time it takes a customer to actually buy something from you. One idea can reduce the number of refunds your experience.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with trying to keep up with your customers satisfaction? One idea can actually decrease the time you spend on this and decrease the number of complaints about your products and services.

Armand Morin is able to use his ideas to perfection when it comes to this. He has been able to release a lot of the work load off of his company when it comes to costumer service by implementing a few of his ideas.

It can decrease your costs and expenses of doing business. It can decrease the production time that it takes for you to get an idea from concept to cash. It can decrease the response time that people act on your offers or your products. It can decrease the length of time it takes before somebody buys from you.

Behind one idea there is endless possibilities and benefits.

There is an important other piece of information that I want to share with you. This especially pertains to those of you who are information marketers or sell any type of information product. Realistically, this pertains to any of your who simply just care about your customers who are buying your products.

One idea can actually increase the success rate of the students or people or customers who purchase your products.

Does it make you feel good when your customers succeed? If so, you will want them to continue succeeding and generating all kinds of ideas will help them to just that. If your customers keep succeeding, they will return the favor and give you great testimonials. All from one idea.

One idea can react off of another and do all kinds of great things for you and your business.

I get very excited about this topic, if you can't tell, because creativity is a passion of mine that has opened a tremendous amount of doors in my life.

I'm still quite young, and I'm very privileged to be in the position that I'm in. Why am I in this position?

Generating ideas and converting ideas from concept to cash as quickly as possible is something that I have worked on to master.

Everytime I think of a new idea and am able to implement it I get so excited. The good news is that I also know you have the potential to do the same. Start right now and generate ideas!
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