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The Slow Death of Mutilevel Marketing

Jun 19, 2008
There is a new game in town that is putting multi level marketing out of business. I am speaking of direct sales.

Direct sales is an original, legitamate business model that has people taking notice. It is not just sales type people who see the value in direct sales, but all types of people. From housewives to corporate executives, what these people see is a way to generate a full time income from their home office.

The quick rise in income is due to the fact you generate commissions in 100's and 1000's of dollars instead on dollars and cents. There is no pushing all types of products, but just relaying a message to those like minded individuals looking for a way to increase their income. Real entreprenuers see the value and see how quickly they can change their lives.

Most all who succeed in multilevel marketing are savy sales type people. Not so with direct sales. There are housewives and plumbers and school bus drivers who have made it huge in this industry because they put in the effort to learn how to market on the internet.That's it. Its not rocket science.

Individuals are plugged into a marketing system that basically does most of the work for them. It even goes as far as to have professionals with years of experience close the sales for them!! This eliminates the newbie tag and levels the playing field for everyone. That means you can hit the ground running and learn as you earn.

When looking at any opportunity one should look for a someone with experience and knowledge to lead them. It is important to feel you are in good hands and that the person that sponsors you has the ability to help you reach your goals.

The reason people are now having success when they never had before, is because they now have tools they never had before.

Don't be delusional though. This does take work and anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest. Nothing that generates this type of income can be possible without having to put in a good effort.

Remember to look for an individual who is sincere in their quest to lead you to success. You will find most are because they generally benefit from your success. But beware, because such is not always the case.

keep this in mind...

"An army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep"
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