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Using Branded Coasters As Promotional Items

Jun 19, 2008
Due to the fact that television and radio advertising fall well outside the reach of many businesses, and because of the questionable effectiveness of those venues for certain companies as well, other methods of publicity must be considered. When determining the best choice of how to spend your company's advertising budget, it would be wise to think about visibility and utility. One thing to consider is what people will use on a daily basis. The proliferation of coffee shops and beverage vending machines is a constant reminder of how much people drink every day. And of course, everyone based in an office has a coffee mug on there desk, which undoubtedly sits on a branded coaster. While promotional mugs would be one way to take advantage of this trend, something a bit more unique would be printed coasters or coffee mats branded with your company details or message.


Personalized coasters can be used with any beverage, not just coffee. Additionally, since many beverages are purchased already in containers, promotional coasters are still useful, while mugs may not be. Due to the fact that printed coasters would be in use daily, they are likely to be located in a prominent desktop position even when not being actively utilized. This puts your company's logo on display at all times - a constant reminder of your business.


Making promotional coasters even more appealing is the variety of styles available. Round and square styles in cork, acrylic, PVC, and even leather can be obtained complete with your business name and logo. While these individual printed coasters are perfect for conferences, trade shows, and as package promotions, sets of coasters make ideal gifts for important clients as well as other people. These packages of branded coasters can be found in plastic, cork, leather and even metal. All of these options enable you to showcase your business to its best advantage.


While it is important to ensure that your company is represent by quality promotional materials, an aspect of personalised coasters that should not be ignored is that they are relatively inexpensive. Coupling this with the limited amount of storage space needed for large quantities makes these items perfect for seasonal promotions as well as for standard advertising. Additionally, this variability enables your business to purchase different printed coasters for numerous specific events without a tremendous financial burden.

Eco Friendly Coasters

With awareness of the environmental impact of everything we manufacture these days, you would be wise to consider an environmentally friendly coaster. These caqn be produced from Bamboo - a naturally sustainable material - right through to recycled or biodegradable plastic and even recycled yoghurt pots. The benefit of using an environmentally friendly promotional coaster is that the recipient will feel a greater sense of integrity about the product, and what a positive association to have with your company logo or corporate message!

When you consider that high quality promotional coasters can be purchased inexpensively in a variety of styles and easily stored for all sorts of occasions, it should become clear that they are an ideal advertising choice for your business.
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Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Coasters and Branded Items. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives.
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