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Guaranteed Website Traffic - Is it Really Possible?

Jun 19, 2008
The methods that you utilize for driving traffic to your website are either going to work or they are not. Many companies tell you that using their method will achieve guaranteed website traffic. However, there is a difference between promising traffic and providing the amount of traffic you need to generate to your website. If the method you choose does not get the results you need, there are plenty of other ones from which to choose.

Good things can come of a pay per click service, depending on the nature of your business. If all you are promoting is a website to sell your product, then this can work very well for you. However, if yours is an Adsense site, then this method may cost you far more than the advertising will bring in terms of business for your company. What your business needs is a strategy which can bring many thousands of visitors to your site.

Paid marketing can work well to get more traffic to your site quickly. You can, for instance buy an ad with a list owner. How well this method will actually work for you is entirely dependent on the size of the list which they have. It can also be fairly expensive to buy such an ad. Many of these services will play bait and switch with you, trying you to upgrade to a more expensive level of service.

You should be cautious about any marketers who claim to have a very large number of subscribers, for instance 50,000 - more than likely, they submit to an article directory which has this many subscribers. Again, the results here may vary, depending on how many of the subscribers to the site are actually interested in what you have to sell. It usually is not worth it to use these services.

Guaranteed website traffic or your money back. Well, that sounds good, but what does it really mean? You obviously want more traffic; it's the only way to get your product or service out there in the public eye. Before deciding on any company for your marketing needs, investigate them and read the fine print. It's important to know that you really will get your money back if the service doesn't deliver the results they have promised.

Submitting articles can be one of the very best ways to get your business some attention. If you have opted to do this, you should be cautious about the many companies which promise to get your articles submitted to a multitude of directories. There's many of these services which will require you to create an account with every directory that they submit your articles to - this can take up entirely too much of your time.

One marketing strategy worth checking out is an article submission service. They handle everything for you from submitting to allowing submissions to as many domains as you want. One important market that many services neglect is the thousands of smaller directories that are right in line with what you are selling. They can be a great place for your article to target those that are interested in your product.

Since there are simply so many different ways of getting traffic to your site these days, all of which claim that they can get you thousands of visitors, you need to choose carefully. You most likely have a small budget to work with if you are a small business or a new start up. You can't take too many chances with your marketing budget, especially if they may yield no results. To find the right service to help your business get more traffic, research the companies and look at what others have said about their services.
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