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What is Affiliate Marketing and Pay Per Click?

Jun 19, 2008
Are you interested to make more money? Do you plan to turn your computer into a money making machine? Do you want to recover the money you spend on installing your computer? Yes all this is possible. But do not think that it will take place immediately. You will have to put in a lot of time and hard work for your dream to come true.

Do you presently have an internet site? Do you speculate why it is not creating you any money? You keep putting up grand content, magnificent writing samples and articles but still you have a zero balance. Well maybe you need to enlarge your apparent horizon. By contracting up for pay per click associate sites you will make money at a faster pace. Cash will reach your site when you simply maintain it.

Google Adsense is the most accepted Pay per click programs. The site takes care of the advertisements for you. New advertisements and banners will be placed in open spaces of your site when you sign up with Google Adsense. When ever a visitor visits your site and clicks on the ad you get a referral payment immediately. Google looks after the placement of ads while you can look after enhancing the traffic towards your site. When you join Google Adsense they will help you to promote your site and give you advice on the ways to increase traffic to your site.

One of the best ways to increase traffic is to attract through proper use of correct keywords. But the keywords which you choose is wrong then you will have visitors running away from your site. But when you join Google Adsense they will help you with this. Google ad words will help you in choosing the correct keywords to increase your traffic. But beware that google charges you for this service. Make sure that it is worth it or else your profits might be eaten up by the ad words program.

Google Adsense signing up will assure you that only appropriate ads will be placed on your website. For example you have a pet care site then products or ad related to that topic will only be placed on your site. Remember that obscure and an ad which has no relation to your page does not impress the reader or even enhance your earnings.

Google Adsense is only a single example of search engines which pay you per click. There are hundreds of such sites which offer pay per click scheme. Yet another famous search engine is Yahoo publisher. The functions of this search engine are also similar to Google Adsense. The search engine which you choose will depend on you. You will have to weight the pros and cons of several search engines and then select the best one which suits you. But if you have more than one site then you can try more than one search engine and go with the one which works better for you. So do a good research work and select the search engine so that your computer also becomes a money making machine.
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Jitendra Singh Sendhav is an Internet Marketing Professional. Has a variety of marketing experience. He is passionate about helping new comers and experienced marketers improve their return on investment.
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