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20+ Services A Copywriter Can Provide For Your Business

Jun 19, 2008
Before I can properly explain what a copywriter can do for your business, it would be best if I first provide an explanation of copywriting itself.

Copywriting is any series of words that endorses a product or service. It can be read, heard, or watched on tv or the internet.

How many major kinds of copywriting are there? Two.

The first is what we call ad agency copywriting. An examples of this kind of advertising are the commercials that are most common on television: mildly entertaining, but have no direct call to action. They are simply there to promote brand awareness.

The second type of copywriting is called direct response copywriting. With direct response copywriting, we are asking the reader or listener or viewer to make a choice and act upon. Plenty of examples exist on television. One common example is the "best of" CD collections that are widely available. You are asked to pick up the phone, call, and place your order.

Consider infomercials, which constantly give forth the direct call to action: pick up the phone, call, and place your order.

What we recommend most of the time is direct response copywriting, not ad agency copywriting.

There are many reasons we do this.

Firstly: the small business owner simply can't afford the Madison Avenue campaigns.

The value of ad agency copywriting is dubious, secondly. Oftentimes viewers will remember brand awareness commercials, but not the actual brands.

Thirdly, you can keep track of direct response advertising and copywriting, and thereby optimize and improve it.

Copywriting has proven itself to be at it's best when the writer empathizes with the prospect. The really good copywriters know this, and it is a great example of the power of niche marketing.

For example, compare the subject of natural medicine with natural medicine for diabetics. With the latter, there's a whole host of common concerns that may not be true of someone without that particular problem. Diabetics have specific needs and worries that they alone share, that run the gamut from diet to medications.

And here's another example. When I was a kid, it was neat to have a lamp with your favorite football team's helmet as the base. Many teams had their own history and individual personalities. There is much more in common among specific team's fans than in pro football enthusiasts in general.

A copywriter can provide many services, including:

Advertisements, Advertorials, Annual Reports, Billboards, Brochures, Bumper Stickers, Business Cards, Catalogs, Coupon, Instructional Courses, Ezines, Flyers, Fundraisers, Greeting cards, Instructional Manual, Journal or Trade Publications, Restaurant Menus, Marketing Material, Newsletters, Postcards, Press Releases, Promotional Materials, Point-of-Purchase Material, Posters, Presentations, Publicity Campaign, Sales Letter, Scripts for commercial advertising on television and radio, Seminars, Shopping Cart, Songs or Lyrics for commercial use, Website Copy, Yellow Pages. (Some of the above items were adapted from the list at http://thedabblingmum.com/writing/webwriting/copywriterjobs.htm).
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