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Protecting The Environment and Saving Money With Used Furniture

Jun 19, 2008
When you look around your office, how much office furniture can you see? Chairs, tables, sofas, cubicles, conference tables, desks and bookshelves are some of the common pieces. Can you consider what would happen if half of all the office furniture was dumped into landfills?

It is vital that we reduce the amount of waste that our landfills absorb each year. It is estimated that over half of all scrap, including furniture, ends up in the dump and does not get recycled. Some people and companies are flat out lazy when it comes to doing the right thing.

Many companies dump their furniture as soon as it gets dated. Although the furniture may be in good shape, it's expensive to store it, and not everyone is proactive enough to take the time to find a buyer. Its effect causes more problems than meets the eye. The sad truth is that most of this furniture can be recycled.

With a little effort however, old used furniture can be restored and made to look like new. There are plenty of companies who specialize in buying used furniture. They then restore it, and turnaround and sell it.

The EPA estimates, that many business organizations dump almost 3 million tons of used furniture and furnishings every year. Given the 1995 nationwide average fee for dumping, (32 dollars per ton), 100 million dollars could have been saved. The OFRF in Virginia also reports that re-manufacturing or refurbishing only 40 workstations can divert one trailer load of used furniture from the landfills.

For every one pound of natural resources spent on refurbishing furniture, up to five pounds can be saved. For each workstation that is saved from the landfill, over 800 pounds of waste and scrap can be saved. Besides the large savings, using used furniture becomes a no brainer.

You can find available used office furniture almost anywhere these days. In the past used furniture has gotten a bad wrap. People have a certain image in their mind about it, but it is just not true.

It's easy to remanufacture office furniture. The manufactures make tons of replacement parts and the dealers have become quite proficient when it comes to swapping the pieces out.

The process can be broken down to a science. The bottom line is that it can save the end user a ton of money. You get what you pay for in life, but the first owner is the one who usually pays for most of it.

When you put new furniture and used furniture side by side, the decision is usually easy. China has come out with a new line of office furniture that specifically competes with used. This was a demand change of the market due to the increasing popularity of buying used.

Office furniture can make up over half of the total expense of launching a business in a commercial or retail office space. Therefore, it can and will be one of the most important beginning financial decisions of your company. Take your time on this one and do your homework.
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Used furniture is widely available. You definitely want to weigh your options. Some used furniture has never been sat in. Haste makes waste, so do your research. cheap cubicles or cubicles office furniture
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