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Re-Facing My Office Building: Why Jerusalem Stone Is The Best Material To Use!

Jun 19, 2008
Re-facing, as the name implies, is placing a new face on a building or object such as a cupboard, as opposed to actually constructing a new one.

There are many reasons to reface a building, or an object like a kitchen cabinet.

The first of these reasons would be the fairly obvious one to restore, maintain, or develop some kind of visual quality. When something is eroded, corroded, or faded in any way it can look quite yucky, and it may take more effort than necessary to construct a new building (or cupboard) based on this alone.

Perhaps the foundation is still effectively serving its purpose, but a touch up is needed.

When choosing an element to reface the surface of an object, be it a small object like a household kitchen item (a cupboard or a countertop) or a much larger project like the re-facing of your office building, Jerusalem Stone is simply the best material for this type of project!

Jerusalem Stone, or Meleke translates to kingly stone or royal stone due to the majestic shade of gold that it becomes when properly aged and hardened.

The mystic visual appeal of Jerusalem Stone is something that is almost completely indescribable. When you reface your countertops in Jerusalem Stone, your kitchen will stand out! So imagine what Jerusalem Stone can do for your office building!

Naturally, you want your office to be eye-catching, and what better way to do that then by re-facing your office building with Jerusalem Stone?

In addition to attracting the visual attention of potential customers, Jerusalem Stone is the best element for re-facing of your office building for functional purposes as well!

Many of the still-standing buildings in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the surrounding area were all constructed with Jerusalem Stone, and display an example of why this particular element is so highly sought after. The well known Western Wall, constructed centuries ago and entirely from Jerusalem Stone, poses a strong display of the durability that Jerusalem Stone has.

A good element to reface your office building will offer both visual appeal and long term resistance to the many tests of weather and time. Jerusalem Stone is the best element to reface an office building, because it is the highest quality of construction material for visual and durability purposes.

Also, Jerusalem Stone is highly popular for its flexible consistency when first pulled from the ground. Not only is Jerusalem Stone desirable for large construction projects, but even sculptors love the malleability of Jerusalem Stone.

It is a very soft and workable material so you can easily form corners and elaborate detailing into Jerusalem Stone when using it to reface a surface. Once the Jerusalem Stone fully ages and completely hardens, you will have an attractive masterpiece, which is (after all) the goal you want to achieve when re-facing a surface.
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