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Setting up an LLC Will Get you More Customers

Jun 19, 2008
Fly by night and scam businesses are everywhere. One way customers choose who to buy from is by insisting that the business is an official legal entity business such as a limited liability company (LLC).

Some companies will only buy services from legal entities like the LLC(not sole proprietors). By setting up an LLC for your business, you get a professional image and a mark of legitimacy over other businesses.

Anyone can come up with a business name and call themselves a business. These are sole proprietorship businesses. But setting up an LLC for your business takes a commitment. While the costs are minimal, you are setting up a legal vehicle to operate your business.

Most scam artists and non-committed business owners would not go through this effort.
Statistics show that consumers are weary and have a difficult time determining which businesses are reputable.

Signs such as setting up an LLC as the LLC business, testimonials, marks of trust (like the Better Business Bureau), and satisfaction guarantees are just a few of things a new business can undertake to help get more business!

Also, setting up an LLC for your LLC business creates a more professional image for your business. The LLC is today what the corporation was for new businesses in the past. Customers feel more secure doing business with business legal entities.

Again, this is because, setting up an LLC, automatically results in customers perceiving that the business is legitimate and serious.

Setting up an LLC involves making a filing with a state agency, paying some fees, and maintaining a simple governance process and rules for running a business through an LLC. It usually means the business owner cares about properly setting up a legal vehicle for his business and ensuring proper business protection planning.

Aside from a more processional image, setting up an LLC provides many more benefits to the LLC business owner. The biggest benefit is personal liability protection but there is also a reduced likelihood of tax audits, more tax choices, and more operational flexibility. If needed, it is easier to find and raise capital after setting up an LLC for your business.

Small business can be quite competitive especially when first starting out. Setting up an LLC for your business from the beginning is a smart marketing move. Make sure you always include your LLC name and designation on all your marketing materials.

Let the community and your potential customers know about your business and that it is run through an LLC. After setting up an LLC, make sure all your documents and contracts display your LLC as the business entity. By doing these things, you are getting a head start in making your new LLC business successful!
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