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Why Search Engine Optimisation Should Be Fundamental In Your Business Strategy

Jun 19, 2008
Search engine optimisation is the process of changing a website by altering the internal and external elements of web pages to make them more search engine friendly. By performing optimisation on a website the eventual hope is that traffic to the site from search engines will be improved and subsequently the company will do more business. The approaches to search engine optimisation vary greatly depending upon the practitioner you decide to employ; some will focus on specific elements of your site whereas others will take a more general approach to the process.

As the optimisation process can be considered to have an element of art as well as science it is understandable that different SEO practitioners have a variety of unique methods to solve the problem of increasing search engine traffic. Many practitioners in the industry will have diverse methods of operation and will be vociferous about the methods they employ.

By why does your company need to undertake a process of search engine optimisation? Recent research has found that the majority of the traffic across the internet today goes through search engines. Of the search engines used, Google is easily the most popular, taking almost forty percent of the traffic while the next two popular search engines are Yahoo and MSN with thirty and fifteen percent of the usage respectively. Courting these three is essential if you wish to experience online success, optimisation, will enable you to do this.

Getting your site listed in these search engines is fundamental; without this, you will find it difficult to attract many visitors and hence your business will suffer. Optimisation will make your site more visible in search engine databases meaning your site will be available to more internet users. Whatever your field of business this is fundamental in creating a website that attracts custom and trade.

When you are undergoing optimisation it is essential that you select search terms that will be popular. They must also be suited to the information contained within your site. By doing this, the visitors that you attract will be more targeted to your products and hence more likely to purchase. As a bi-product of this, having high search engine traffic can be akin to a self fulfilling prophecy, the more people you attract the more word will spread about your products or services. Understandably due to this, SEO can provide excellent returns whether investing time or money.

However much search engines try to improve their technology of trawling the internet for information there will always be an argument for optimisation. Algorithms have limitations and no matter how good your site, you will not reach the top of the rankings without SEO help. In the same vein, if you do not pursue the right forms of optimisation techniques you rankings will be inadvertently harmed rather than improved. Ultimately you want to increase your visibility; by pursuing unethical methods this task may prove impossible.

The difference between ethical and unethical optimisation methods can be hard to define without specialist knowledge. Before you undertake SEO or employ a specialist it is advisable to research differing methods on the internet before beginning the process. If you do not you may find yourself in the position where your rankings are dropping due to ineffective or unscrupulous methods.

As the online business environment becomes evermore competitive you truly need to utilise optimisation as a matter of course. Without doing this, your business may fail to attract visitors and hence make less money. It may mean investment, but this investment will ultimately worthwhile in creating a situation where you can take advantage of the huge numbers of search engine users.
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Internet marketing expert Thomas Pretty looks into how search engine optimisation can be undertaken and how it is vital for online business success.
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