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Choosing An Online Business-- Dealing With Frustration

Jun 20, 2008
If you are like most people who have ever begun a home based business, you have gotten very frustrated somewhere along the line. Often, this frustration gets so bad that people quit what they are doing, lick their wounds, and then start immediately looking for the next great opportunity to do it all over again. I've done it myself at least a dozen times. Here are three strategies you can use to lower (probably not completely get rid of) your frustration level:

1. Patience is a virtue. Unrealistic expectations cause most frustration. Hard and consistent effort is required for most opportunities. On the Internet especially, there is a degree of luck that accompanies that hard work. Even with two identical ads in two identical places, a top producer can choose someone else's and not yours. That's one of the breaks of the game. The other person's business will probably grow faster than yours. So what? Don't compare yourself to the guy who made a fifty grand in seven minutes because he "clicked here." Your challenge up front is to select a business that has a product, pay plan, and training that you believe in. If it does, then just follow the training and stop looking at the calendar. If it takes you a week to do something someone else does in an hour, so what? Do what you have to do every day, and success will come.

2. Small goals are necessary. If your only goal is to get out of debt, or to make $10k a month, or buy a yacht or something else that is now out of your reach, you will be more likely to get frustrated. Don't let yourself look only at your final goal. Every time you sit down to work your business, have a small goal for that time. Focus on one thing. Send X number of emails. Make X number of calls. Finish the AdWords campaign. Tweak your website. Having a smaller, specific goal each time you work on your business will give you a sense of success rather than a sense of failure. Do what you need to do today, and the money will follow.

3. Go fishing occasionally. By "go fishing," I mean do something enjoyable once in awhile. Reward yourself. It's too easy to get so involved in making your business work that you forget to do the things for which you are doing the work in the first place. Most people that I know would like more leisure time. If that's one of the reasons you are working so hard on your business, then go fishing once in awhile. Having fun, but not quite enough of it, will keep you motivated to keep doing what you need to do to be successful.

Stick with it. You can do it. If you do what you have to do today, you can do what you want to do tomorrow.
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