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Staying Focused During the Summer: Five Tips for Work-at-Home Moms

Jun 20, 2008
Working at home is definitely an exercise in focus and discipline. After starting a work at home career, many WAHMs realize that self-control and scheduling need to become their best friends. But what happens during the summer months when the kids are out of school?

Since your business can't take a three-month vacation, it's important to stay focused on the work you need to do and then balance that with some fun family activities. Here are five tips to help you stay focused during the summertime.

1. The first step to organizing your summer is to get your kids involved in some activities during their vacation. Vacation day camps, music classes or tutoring are great ways to keep them involved and learning during the summer. This also gives you some consistent blocks of time during the week where you can get your work done.

2. Plan one big family trip toward the end of the summer. A trip in late July or early August will be a goal for you all to shoot for, and it will allow you to catch up on work or make arrangements to take time off. Even if you just spend a few days in a nearby metropolitan area, it will be fun for the family and a good break for you as well.

3. You can do a lot to stay focused by realizing that this time of year may not be your most productive. If you are launching a big product or planning an expansion of your business, it may be best to wait until the fall to implement those changes. If you take on less responsibility during the summer, you won't be disappointed when you can't meet your big expectations.

4. Spend the hours that are work hours on work - and nothing else. If you're used to having the whole school day to work on your business, you may have developed bad time management habits, such as checking your e-mail continually throughout the day, talking on the phone and visiting non-work related websites. Streamline your day and focus intensely for the few hours while your children are at their activity. That way when they come home, you'll be able to take time off and enjoy vacation with your children.

5. Try your best to take weekends off. There are probably some great museums and other sights to see around your hometown. When you get all your work done during the week, you'll be able to take advantage of these attractions on the weekends. Children are only young once, and the memories you create while spending time with them will be ones that you'll cherish forever. By managing your time well during the week, you'll be able to experience these things with them.

Staying focused as a work-at-home mom is always a challenge, and it can be especially hard during the summer months. With some planning and some self-discipline, you'll be able to get your work done and enjoy your children as well. Don't forget to cut yourself some slack and be realistic with your schedule. You'll find that when you plan less, you'll be able to accomplish more and still have time to spend with the kids.
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