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Do You Really Know The Truth About Network Marketing?

Jun 20, 2008
Network marketing is one of those industries that help people. It is one where the average person can begin a legitimate business with very low start-up and risk, with a massive potential for great returns on investments. But we already know that! So what is the truth about network marketing that some of us fail to realize?

First, network marketing is a customer service business, not a hyped up sales business. The industry works so well because it stems from the concept that success breeds success. So, if I have a system that produces major results that make me happy, then I can teach you the system of success to help you produce the results that make you happy. The knowledge of what works gets shared and benefits the group. Servicing others and helping them is the core truth about network marketing.

Next, the network marketing industry is a legitimate business model that most of the successful business people and wealth builders of our time have deemed as the best! See, many dream of having their own business and firing their boss but soon come to the realization that they do not have the means or the capital to even get started. They don't know how to write the business plan nor raise investment funds. The result is that the big hope of working from home disappears. So, the truth about network marketing is that it removes that burden from the initial business start-up and helps real entrepreneurs to get started quickly and without substantial debt. With network marketing companies, the entry fee is usually low, like between $150-$500. There are other companies that have investment costs outside of this range, but I'm sure you get the point. Would you rather pay $500 and have all the support, staff, legal, websites, training, etc. that you need or pay $25,000 and still have to do all the business stuff I named above on your own?

Lastly, it is important to know that network marketing can provide what's called residual income. This is what all entrepreneurs want because it allows them to work hard "today" and help others so that "tomorrow" one can relax and enjoy life because passive income is coming in in droves. This means no more hard labor and no more missing your kids' sporting or dancing activities. It means more time with family and better/longer vacations. It means reducing the stress and increasing the abundance. The truth about network marketing is that when done correctly, it can change your life for the better.

So, now do you see why network marketing is creating more self-made millionaires than any other industry? The key is the training. A great business with poor training is not such a great business afterall. Keep in mind that this business is about helping others, not paying an arm and a leg to get going and retiring as early as possible with more income than you need a month coming into your household. Now that you know the truth about network marketing, what are you going to do?
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Tracey Walker is an Expert Internet Network Marketer who hates rejection and chasing dead-end leads. To learn more about how she completely stopped having hotel meetings and still grew a lead database of over 211 prospects while generating over $1,703 in less than 30 days even though no one joined her business, click this link ==> Internet MLM Success
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