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Direct Selling Certification Enhances Competence and Credibility for Direct Sellers

Jun 20, 2008
The Direct Selling Industry (aka network marketing, MLM, etc.) does not require any kind of licensing to operate as an independent contractor of a direct selling company. Certification is not mandatory, nor is it required for success in this industry. However, throughout the industry, leaders and organizations are continually striving to support self regulation and compliance to high ethical standards within their organization.

A major challenge for any leader or organization is the fact that there is not licensing requirements and so many people are running around misinformed or non-informed about how to truly achieve success in this industry and still maintain a high professional standard in all that they do.

Certification (even through a voluntary participation) helps set higher standards, enhancing competence and building upon credibility for the independent direct seller as a professional in this industry. This not only benefits the individual direct seller, but also benefits the company they represent and the whole Direct Selling Industry.

Keep in mind that Certification is not licensing, nor is it equivalent to getting a college degree. But it is a formal higher education that helps you position yourself as a professional marketer in the Direct Selling Industry.

The fact is, when you learn, understand, and apply the universal fundamentals taught through a certification course, you will enhance your competence of the industry and how to succeed based on high professional standards, which creates an extra element of credibility for you in the marketplace.

Certification may not be desired by everyone, nor is it a requirement of the industry. However, if you desire to work as a professional in this industry, maintaining high ethical standards, and achieve greater sustainable success, we highly recommend getting certified. While company specific training is critical to your knowledge of the products and company you represent, getting certified from a Direct Selling Industry specific school provides you with the critical universal fundamentals required for sustainable success.

Certification can provide an extra element of credibility, a stronger level of competence, and even a core element of formal education. This will position you and your people as professional marketers and as leaders that effectively produce stronger exponential growth, curbing the attrition in your organization, so you create a happier, more productive, and duplicating organization.

Certification is not only important for the individual marketer, but is also important for the leadership of an organization. By getting certified, the leadership can help lead their team by example and with action that meets the ethical standards of a true professional in the industry. As a leader, when your team is certified, you will find people will get their job quicker and more efficiently because they know what to do and are confident in what they are doing - because they are certified.

Further, certification provides an indicator of the commitment level of your people. Those who continue through advanced and graduate level certification will be strengthening their own skills and abilities to not only competently get their job done as a marketer, but more importantly, will gain the insight and accreditation as a leader who will be able to build a more massive organization in a work smart way, so the organization is more productive and duplicating.
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