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Making Profits Online With Affiliate Marketing

Jun 20, 2008
The best starting point for online cash has just got to be an affiliate marketer. It is the quickest way to establishing an online income. A lot of people see that.

If you get online and start investigating and doing a bit of research in your spare time, for an hour or two after you do the day job, you come back in the evening, you grab a cup of coffee, you start the PC and you start investigating this thing. How does this work? How is money made online?

One of the first things you come across is this idea of affiliate marketing which is just selling other peoples products. It is therefore the best way to start making money on the Internet. It short cuts the delays and problems of product creation and customer service.

Certainly to get started it's probably the best education you can get. By going through and finding other peoples products, you actually learn a lot of information as well as make a lot of money at the same time.

You do not have any of the hassles. You do not have to send anything out to customers. You do not have to deal with all the customer inquiries or any refunds that might come back. You do not have to physically send anything out. All you are is the middle man.

You basically find people that have a want. You show them where to go and get it and you get paid as a result. In very basic terms thats all affiliate marketing is. You're just a middle man.

You're taking a starving crowd that is really hungry for something and you are showing them where to get that specific food because they do not know how to find it at the moment. Thats all you are doing. Its really easy and you can be up and running very quickly.

It is a great recommendation for those starting out to make money online. It is also a strong source of large sums of income for many of the big players on the internet.

There are a lot of people who do nott have a web site right now. They do not know how to get started and it can be a frustrating process to go through, trying to learn all the ropes to get started.

All of those marketers are saying that once you have your web site and you have all your content ready and you have all your affiliate links ready, what you need to do is start doing X, Y, Z. The fact of the matter is, it can take months, sometimes years to actually piece together those three things, that step of getting a web site, getting online and finding products to promote.

That is a whole series of steps. Unless somebody actually shows you how to do that, you can spend months and months trying to learn everything piece by piece. The other option, to pay someone to do all the necessary work for yo, is usually not a viable option for someone starting out.

Although affiliate marketing is easy, it's what could be compared to a four piece jigsaw. If you were to have a jigsaw that was four pieces you would think it is easy, only four pieces.

If you only received three pieces, even though it is still an easy jigsaw, you would not be able to complete without the necessary pieces. It is simple, but you need all the pieces of the jigsaw.

You need to know exactly what to do, in which order. It's only when you have that knowledge that you can put all of this stuff together. Once you have that, it is very easy to actually put it all together and start making money by selling other peoples products and you do not have any of the hassle that comes from being a product creator or a product owner. It can be the best way and the easiest way to make money quickly online.

Product selection is really important. A lot of people say affiliate marketing is easy. It is easy to get set up. It is easy to start doing it and to start putting these product reviews or the product recommendations out there. If you're not choosing the right products in the first place, then you can be wasting time and not achieving results.

In terms of how to choose products, some people can really spend too much time sometimes over analyzing what to actually promote or what type of products to recommend.

There are really two main things to do. One is to choose products that are a match to you and your specialty area, to your knowledge and your passion. If you are really interested in fly fishing and you spend your time fly fishing and know more about fly fishing that just about anybody, you do not want to go out and start selling mortgage products or home improvement products if that is just not your area of expertise or interest.

It is best to try and stick to something that you have at least got an interest in and a little bit of knowledge in because then there is a much better chance that it will come across well.

If someone was to try and sell a gardening e-book for example and to promote that as an affiliate, they could have real difficulty getting excited and enthusiastic about it if they know nothing about gardening, and do not have an interest in it.

Choose something that you have at least a little bit of interest in and hopefully a little bit of knowledge in. Choose products that you have that passion for, interest in.

The second thing is, when choosing products to promote, get out there and just see what other people are promoting. You can go off from level zero if you like and start from a blank slate and do all the research about what's selling best.

The best thing or the quickest way to actually find good products is to see what other people are selling. If there are a lot of people promoting something, the chances are that it's a good product and it's going to be selling well. So go into your market place.

If gardening is your market, if that is what you have an interest in and you have some knowledge in it, get into that marketplace. Get in the shoes of the customer. Start joining gardening mailing lists.What are people promoting? What are other affiliates recommending?

You'll start to see a common footprint, a common theme to the products that people are promoting and putting out there. That is what you can do. You can follow along with that.

It is important to look at the sales page and be satisfied that it has good sales copy and good conversion. You don't want to expending energy sending traffic to a site that just does not achieve sales from visitors.

It can also be helpful to know the product. It is beneficial to actually be a customer of the product, to purchase and experience it, so that you know that your recommendations are sound.

In choosing your product, choose something that you have a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of interest in and that you at least see a couple of other people that you know or respect who are also
promoting this product. It saves you from making any kind of expensive mistakes and recommending things that just are not going to work or just do not deliver the value.

Then its time to start promoting!
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