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A Review of the Bulletin Board Income Opportunity

Jun 20, 2008
Lets say you have your own home business and you want to be able to advertise. Well, you are wondering what would be the best way and how would you do it? You can market by articles leading toward your website, you use word of mouth, (that may take a while), you could start your own multi-level company, (no, you better not do that, enough of those already). Well, then why not use a bulletin board?

Yep, you heard me right. I said use a bulletin board. But now you are wondering if I am a bit nutty or if I know what I am talking about. There really is a way to use a bulletin board that you can advertise with.

There is a company called Home & Small Businesses International Directory or easier said as HOBID. This company provides a way for you to advertise and make money at the same time, and I am not just referring to your business that you are trying to advertise.

Ok...let me see if I can figure out how this works. Remember, I am doing the review, so I am learning this too. Here we go!

There are over 525,000 home and small business entrepreneurs that are listed right now on the bulletin board with HOBID. These people may be interested in 'your' business. These are listings that are updated daily.

When you subscribe ($30 a month) you can send in your listing with a 55 word AD that will recruit someone into your MLM or sell your product. This would be a value of $240 per year.

You will get a free web page, which the Bulletin Board will put online, maintain and promote it for you. Again, big value here too.

You will also get 210 fresh online prospects. This will be given to you in label format on a monthly basis. There are already 1050 prospects available now, then 210 brand new names will be added every month and 210 old names will be deleted. Value? This will be $99 to start then this is where the $30 comes in.

You will have a 2" x 2.25" monthly AD in the Bulletin Board AD Mailer as a bonus. Then subscribers can earn 60% to 70% on the subscriptions that you sell or sponsor. And every new subscription you sell, you get commission of 1%.

Another thing you may like is and annual renewals pay attained commissions as new sales. Ok, if you go out and get one new subscriber per month, then in 10 months you will be at the 70% commission level. Remember, the subscription is $299 per year or $30 per month for 12 consecutive months annually, (that is US $).

So, I hope that I have given you a review that can be at least a bit understood. It is something that I have never been familiar with, so it was a bit of a brain churner for me. But I think I am starting to get it now.

Just to summarize how I see it, if you subscribe, you can get 210 names per month of businesses, and in exchange you can have your AD on that exchange for them to see you. You are promoting your business to others in hopes that they might want to work for you or purchase your product. And if you find others to do the same thing that you did, you will make money.

Well? How did I do? Hopefully you now have a clear understanding of what the Bulletin Board Co. offers. By the way, their address is The Bulletin Board, PO Box 832711, Richardson TX 75083 USA.
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