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A Review of the Charmed Moments Income Opportunity

Jun 20, 2008
Listen to any financial expert and you are bound to hear the term "disposable income" and how the average working person now has far less disposable income than ever before. This is the extra money that you have left over after you pay all of your necessary bills like rent, electric, and groceries.

Many people are looking for away to increase their income without having to have a part time job that requires them to work on other peoples schedules. There are many companies that do offer you the ability to work on your own time schedule and make the extra money you are looking for. One such company is Charmed Moments.

Charmed Moments is a company that sells jewelry. They offer a wide variety to choose from and they range from charm bracelets and ear rings to their higher end pieces that incorporate beads. The pieces are modular and allow your customer to customize their jewelry to make it a one of a kind piece.

To sell for Charmed Moments you will first to need to fill out application and pay a onetime application fee of $19.95. They do not require that you have any previous selling experience. You will however need to maintain a monthly minimum sales amount to remain in good standings. The current amount for retail sales is $72 every quarter or you will need to have a personal volume of $50 each month.

To begin selling Charmed Moments has two kits that you can purchase. Their Starter Kit sells for $99 and includes everything need to begin selling. You will get a black table cloth, jewelry displays, paper work supplies that include invitations, order forms and catalogs, your jewelry tools, the ability to access online ordering, training tools and over $200 in charms and jewelry.

You can also upgrade to their Deluxe Kit for an additional $150. This kit includes everything in the Starter Kit and several extras. These include a Velcro display board, 9 posters for your display board that are laminated, jewelry accessories and an additional $230 in jewelry.

Once you have your starter kits Charmed Moments recommends that you first begin by hosting your own party at home. You should invite your friends and family and this gives you away to feel comfortable during your first party. This is also a good way to spread the word about your new business by word of mouth and you can begin earning hostess rewards.

Here is how the pay scale works. When you host a party and your customer places an order you will order the product through Charmed Moments. They will sell you the product for 30% less than the listed retail amount so if you place an order for a $10 piece of jewelry you will be charged $7 and the remaining $3 is yours to keep.

There are other earning opportunities also. As you rise up through the ranks you will begin to earn instant rebates back on your sales. These rebates range from 1% to 9% depending on the promotion level. You will also earn money on any new consultants that you enroll on your team. When they purchase their kits you will automatically earn $15 plus you are also now their team leader and you will begin to earn another 1% to 9% on their sales.
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