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Unbiased Reviews? Is There Such a Thing?

Jun 20, 2008
Internet business opportunities start getting reviews once they get popular. Even in the initial stages of a new internet marketing product, it will start getting reviews. When you do a search for an internet product, you'll often see pages in the top 10 show up that are a review of the product. This makes sense when you consider that the only type of sites about that product are going to be the site itself (which should get ranked) and then sites that talk about that site or product in the form of a review.

Many affiliates of a specific product are the same ones who promote the product through these review-style websites. They'll write a website that gives some awesome review of a product and the link back to the product itself is an affiliate link. There's nothing wrong with this strategy aside from the fact that the reviews are not biased and usually not based on actual experience. Some of them may be in part based on some real experience, but mostly these reviews are simply an affiliate tool.

Most of these affiliate products that are guides on how to make money online contain information that is readily available for free on the internet. I'm not saying these ebooks are not worth the price, but what I am saying is that if you know how to look, you can find a lot of this information for free online. The question then becomes how much time will it take you to gather all of that information and how distracted and confused will you become along the way?

If you can purchase a good ebook on internet marketing or making money online that costs $47 and that ebook saves you 10 hours of research or gives you even a little bit of information that gets you started down the path to internet business success, then the $47 cost was worth it. This doesn't mean you should go out there and buy every single ebook you can on how to make money online. What you should do instead is take some of the basic information from the sales page of the ebook and start doing some research to see what type of information is already available on that subject. Blogs and forums are great places to get information on these types of topics.

Internet marketers just getting started and also several people who have been at it awhile tend to get distracted by whatever the "next big thing" is and quit whatever they've been working on to jump into the new project. Don't fall into this trap because it will keep you from making the money you deserve. Get started on a project and become an expert at it. There are very few wealthy "jack of all trades" out there. People that make a lot of money focus primarily on one thing and are good at it. Use that same focus when you work on a project.
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Brian Armstrong is an internet business coach and mentor. He actively promotes an internet business opportunity on his website.
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