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Make Money With Affiliate Program Online

Jun 20, 2008
It's very possible to make money with affiliate programs online. If you're not familiar with affiliate marketing, basically all you do is market other peoples products. They give you a unique url and you place this url on your webpages, and blogs for example, and when someone clicks on your link and they make a purchase you get a commission for the sale.

Back to making money with affiliate programs online...there are a few major affiliate networks where you can select from a whole range of products. The big one is clickbank, followed by paydotcom and commission junction.

There are more than these, and there are also private affiliate programs. It's best to get a combination of both but those three are enough to get your started. You sign up with the affiliate network and you get your unique url for any product that you want to promote.

Sounds easy enough doesn't it? Just put up a blog, squidoo, or hub-page, then write some content and put your link in there somewhere, then get traffic to it and bam, you're making money.

Unfortunately it's much harder than that to make money with affiliate marketing. It used to be that easy, back in the 'glory days' before the Google slap. Maybe you haven't heard of the Google slap, but don't worry too much about it. Basically Google changed their algorithm with their pay per click advertising network Adwords which meant you had to make your adcopy, keywords and landing page in allignment. But like I said don't worry about that too much. Back to the plan....

It all starts with a keyword, someone enters a keyword in Google and they click on a relevant website, and they possibly might find what they are looking for and make a purchase. How do you make this your website?

You need to get your website seen, so this means generating traffic, and there are several means to do this - you've got free methods such as article marketing, search engine optimization, and forum marketing. Then you've got your paid methods which includes pay per click advertising, such as with Google Adwords which I mentioned briefly above.

You need to find the right keyword, you want to get keywords that people are typing in when they want to buy something, a keyword such as "buy ipod nano 4gb". You want keywords that get a good search volume but not too much competition, it's a tough equilibrium but it works.

You need to make your website relevant. Give the searcher what they are looking for. Answer any questions they may have about the product before they ask them. How do you know what they are? Forum research is the way.

If you can select a 'late buying cycle' keyword, make a site that gives the searcher what they are looking for, and get traffic to that site, you will make money. It is very complicated and there is a lot to it. The best thing is that you do have resources out there to help you.

What you do need is a complete resource with keyword tools, web site builders, web site templates, information on building landing pages, organizing campaigns, knowing which keywords to select, how to write articles, etc.

The more complete the resource, the higher likelihood you'll have in making tons of money online. Be careful though, there are many scams out there. You're best off with a membership site rather than an ebook since you will always get more support with a membership site not to mention constantly updated information on the topic. New strategies and so forth and coming out all the time, so this is important.
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