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Developing The Perfect Plan For Hiring An International Moving Company

Jun 20, 2008
Are you planning to move overseas? If so, you will need the help of an international moving company. If you have never hired a moving company before, process of finding a reliable and dependable mover can seem almost daunting. Here are some tips that can help you locate the right international moving company for your moving needs.

The first step to a finding a good international mover

Before you decide on a certain mover, there are certain things you should decide in advance. First, you should decide which things will be shipped and which you will sell. You will also want to decide whether the mover will be responsible for packing all of your goods, or whether you wish to pack your own possessions.

Different moving companies offer different kinds of services, so you'll want to check with the moving company to see what kind of extra services they can provide you with. Remember that had he is usually considered a separate bid when you are scouting for moving companies. If you do decide to have the moving company pack your belongings, make sure that asked what kind of insurance policy the company offers you in case of damage, loss, or theft.

Pricing Your Big Move - Compare Rates Before Deciding

Before you decide which moving company you will be choosing, you want to create a bid. Many moving companies can offer you an accurate estimate over the phone. This especially helpful if you are choosing a moving company that is not located in your current area. In most cases, you will find that long moves will require estimates that are based on weight. In most cases, moves that are made over a long distance required the estimates be gauged per 100 pounds.

Get Fully Involved in the Estimate Process

The process of getting an estimate for your move can be one of the most difficult and time consuming. But it is well worth the trouble. Taking the time to become fully engaged in the estimate process can save you literally hundreds and sometimes-even thousands of dollars. Call and e-mail the movers that are bidding for your moving job and ask them for the most accurate estimate that they can currently provide you with. If at all possible, you should try to meet with your relocation consultant in person.

This will allow you to receive a written estimate that has been prepared specifically for you. If your move is not for months you will also wanted ask how long your estimates is valid. Another important to learn early on is whether your estimate is binding or nonbinding. In general, you should never accept an estimate solely over the phone. You should always have a paper copy of your estimates.

Check to Make Sure Your Mover is Licensed and Bonded

This can get a bit tricky if you have hired an international moving company and you are not sure where to turn for this information. However, no matter how much trouble it may cause you, you should always make the effort to find out the important information about your mover. Make sure that they have a good local reputation. You can use the World wide Web to find out if there are any local governing boards in the area that are responsible for issuing licenses and bonds.
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