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Choosing The Right Home Business Program

Jun 20, 2008
So are you looking for a home based business? Well where do you start? There are literally thousands of business opportunities out there today. It seems like something new pops up everyday. So where do you put your efforts?

Many newbies choose Multilevel marketing as their first taste of home based business. The reason for this is that there is a very small start up cost. The only problem with this type of business is that 95% of the people who succeed in the MLM business are veterans of MLM who have built a large organization of people through many years.

The main problem with MLM is that a few people at the top make all the money while everybody else just fills their pockets making manditory purchases to meet monthly quotas. True there is no big upfront costs, but in the long run you probably spend more than you think.

It sounds quite simple but in reality the only people the newbie ends up signing up are the couple of family members who want to shut them up. It's a business that preaches chasing friends and family. The so called warm market that tend to turn a cold shoulder when approached. Then months down the road they ask you "how you doing in that MLM thing?" and by that time the newbie has given up.

Don't worry MLM is not the only game in town. Direct sales is the opportunity you need to take a close look at if you are serious about making real money from home. It takes a long time and a lot of sign ups to even make a little money in MLM, while you can be in profit mode in direct sales with just 1 or 2 sales.

With direct sales you are making 100's and 1000's from your very first sale. Does it cost a lot more to get into direct sales than MLM. Yes it does, normally anywhere from $500 to $3500 on average. but you normally are in profit mode after just one or two sales.

Yes direct sales has a cost but what business doesn't. No matter what business venture you pursue it will cost money. If it is a brick and mortar business it will cost you tens of thousand of dollars. Go buy a card store or bagel shop or start something from scratch. What do you think that will cost you? I'll tell you a lot of time, money and headaches. I know I've been in business for over 20 years until I found direct sales that is. And none of those businesses will compensate you like direct sales can.

So why invest crazy money on a business that won't see a profit for years or maybe ever!! And even if it does, will it pay you a six figure salary like you can easily earn doing direct sales? What do you have to lose maybe a couple of thousand dollars if you don't have succees. (anyone will have success in this business if they persist no doubt about it)

The best plan of action is to find an opportunity that has a great training system in place. This is key! Find the opportunity that offers the most training for the money. They all will offer training but some has a greater value than other. Find an opportunity that might be able to plug you into seminars and summits at no cost. That right there is worth the investment and then some.

The last thing you need to do once you find the right program is to find a sponsor who will help lead you to success. This will be someone who is accessable when you need them. If you need any clarification from this article feel free to contact me.
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