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Learning About Sales and Commissions for Jobs

Jun 20, 2008
A sales representative is one of the most visible figures in a company because they have the task of showcasing and selling products directly to customers. Each sales representative has a different task in the company and different solutions are expected for them.

There are certain sales representatives that need to have a detailed background about the products they're selling. For example, a pharmaceutical company's sales representative would need to have a degree in science, medicine or pharmacy to be able to credibly sell anything. But then there are also those sales jobs that don't require degrees like furniture and candy sellers.

The duties of a sales representative are determined by what kind of company that sales representative is a part of as well as the line of the company in question. There are sales representatives that are required to do a lot of traveling and there are other who are always in the office making phone calls. They also have different techniques when it comes to encouraging customers to buy their services or products.

What's certain is that sales representatives need to know everything they can about the product that they are selling. It also helps when a sales representative knows how to talk to people or have taken business and communication courses. Most companies train their sales representatives in these skills to make them more successful salespeople.

There are also different ways that sales persons are paid. There are a number of sales representatives that are paid for every product that they sell, while others have set salaries, and are usually given bonuses if their quota is reached or surpassed. The first pay structure is called commission sales.

Sales representatives usually work much harder for the most part if they are paid on a commission basis. There are months that they just can't seem to stop selling and there are other months where they can't seem to sell a thing.
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A good sales job will pay either in commission or a fixed rate. You can earn big with either sales job by learning more about the job details here.
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