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The Difference Between Text Links And Image Links

Jun 20, 2008
One of the most important aspects in web development is visual appeal. Your site's visual appeal is the first impression that a visitor makes about your site, but visual appeal alone will not keep your visitors in your site. The key to success is useful relevant content. With the building of appeal, many Webmasters are convinced that the use of image links outweigh the use of text links, but sadly enough they are mostly dead wrong.

Google places a great emphases in textual content, hence the importance of keyword relevant content on your sites pages. When your site has an incoming link to it via an image, the only text seen by the search engine robots is the 'alt' tag. This 'alt' tag can contain relevant keywords, but the weight that it receives from Google is far less than the weight that a textual link would receive. Here is why.

An inbound text link using the 'title' tag ties relevancy with the textual phrase in the anchor text, and because the anchor text is associated with the relevant keywords that would be used to find it at the search engine query level, Google's algorithm gives more weight to these textual links.

The strategy in any aggressive SEO campaign is building site visibility on the SERPs, and to date the most effective way to increase both the placement of your site in the SERPs, and your site's PR, is thru the use of relevant one way link building.

Google's algorithm was developed to actually examine all of your site's textual content and code and award it a value based on the relevancy of its content. Additionally, Google PR is given by the rank and value of your incoming text links. This means that as the number of relevant incoming links to your site increases, so does your site's PR.

Another point to make clear is that although having a large number of relevant inbound links is good, having a smaller number of incoming links from sites with high PR is better! Again, by looking at the way that Google awards PR, we see that in essence when your site receives an incoming link, that the site is casting a vote for your site's relevance. Google weighs the PR of the site voting for you and uses that to determine your site's value. Not all links are considered important. This is why relevancy is a key factor in link building campaigns.
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