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How Can You Run Your Own Part Time Business Which Will Allow You To Retire Rich?

Jun 20, 2008
What would be your greatest dream? Winning Lotto? Suddenly receiving a great inheritance? Or finding a secret formula for something that everyone wants and being the one to introduce it to the market?

These are some ways people dream of suddenly breaking out. And why do they want to break out? It says something about their everyday lives and the job they do regularly. Either they want out of a soulless job with no intrinsic rewards, that might have lost its allure. Or they have built up a stack of those credit card statements that need paying off. And what does the credit card bill tell you? That you have dreams for something better and beyond where you are which can be solved by buying things now? The problem being the paying it back. Not so much fun.

But usually people feel there is something better out there. That there is either a better job or something they would prefer to be doing. Like riding the waves, partying regularly, or just traveling and seeing the sights.

We all know that at some time we will likely need to retire (although there are those who would rather keep working until they drop). And when we retire what do we imagine ourselves doing? Once this idea is raised the next one that pops up is why can't we have it sooner? Preferably now!

Timothy Ferriss in his great book "The 4-Hour Workweek" outlines how we can have it much sooner than we would normally consider possible. In fact why postpone it until later? Why not build it into our lifestyle now? And he gives some great examples of how to do so.

Even more interesting near the end of the book Tim has achieved his goal, is enjoying the endless travel with extended stays in different parts of the world that take his fancy, learning languages and various new skills. He avoids excessive addiction to e-mails and usual daily life to really embrace the alternative, early-retirement lifestyle.

And he is beginning to find it a little hollow. He is feeling the need to contribute in some meaningful way. Not that he is not already doing this in some way at a number of levels, with his business and the new experiences he embarks on in his travels. But there needs to be something more.

And this is important to address. We need meaningful purpose in our lives. Well at least that is a great position to be in compared with constantly dealing with the pressure of paying the bills and keeping to deadlines. More on this later...

Tim's ideas on business are great. It is readily possible these days to create businesses that run themselves where we can live off the proceeds and enjoy the benefits.

Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump endorse these ideas in the joint book "Why We Want You To Be Rich" and Robert's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "Cashflow Quadrant". Robert suggests a business in the right side of the quadrants is where we need to be - with greater than 500 employees, and where we can walk away, come back a year later and find it running even better than when we left it.

Then Mr Kiyosaki makes the interesting observation that for many of us using mlm or network marketing might be a good option for many to get over to this right, wealthy side. And why? Because the business power of leverage is occurring. Many people doing a bit each, contributing to the wealth and success of the whole. Business skills can be learned. (You don't have to wait and hope to win lotto or for some rich unknown relative to die.)

Not only that, but a good network marketing company, with a good history, financially sound, and well run can allow you to become financially free or effectively retire after a few years of hard work. Like Tim Ferris, but from a slightly different model.

The mlm company does have to have good products that are competitively priced, and needed by as many people as possible. And if they are going to last so we can keep on enjoying the benefits, they need to be constantly engaged in research and development and remain at the top of the field.

If you have an opportunity like that why would you not pursue it? Ideally it needs to be one that can be built successfully part time from home and grow to allow you to leave work and eventually effectively retire and pursue those activities and ideas you would in a fit and active retirement.

How can you ensure the work is effectively part time? By using leverage. What currently is the best leverage? The internet marketing and prospecting side of multilevel marketing is revolutionizing the business. 24/7 the internet is accessible and available. You can present your ideas and opportunity throughout the world. And people can check it out at their leisure without any over-the-shoulder salesperson pressure.

What better way? And there are other ways we can leverage this even more. But more on that later.
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