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The 5 Major Assets of Having Your Business Online.

Jun 20, 2008
Facing the revolution of the internet, companies are looking more than ever of having a web site and to conduct electronic commerce. The question is not really whether they should be on the Internet, but rather to understand why and especially how to monetize this investment. This article aims to narrow all the possibilities of the Internet and its major assets as part of a commercial activity.

1 - Enlargement of the market

The Internet is a global network, bringing together thousands of other networks that directly approach new customers, suppliers, and partners. For a new company looking to grow, it is an opportunity for expansion at low cost. If you target a niche market, you have the opportunity to multiply your customers without additional costs. It would be very costly for you to do traditional prospecting. If your potential is a thousand customers by country, the Internet allows you to easily get to know these prospects.

2 - Increased Accessibility

The company is more accessible by users looking for your products and solutions. The barrier does not exist anymore. The dealer and the customer feels secure in the opportunity to deal directly with the manufacturer.

3 - Savings are achieved

The use of the Internet for mass communication allows a substantial reduction in marketing costs. The promotion and marketing of new products are being streamlined. You can save on telephone or postal costs. The speed and reliability (it is usually possible to receive acknowledgements) of emails is cheap and effective. The process of taking orders is linked to a stock management and the entire billing process is automated saving you money.

4 - Better follow up with customers

The Internet facilitates the establishment of a strong relationship with customers. The multimedia and interactive possibilities are increasing the interest of your customers in the presentations. The company has the capacity to analyze more precisely the purchasing behaviour and preferences of customers. Keeping your customers loyalty can be done by offering free services and by maintaining contact through a distribution list (newsletter). Sending an e-weekly newsletter to your customers, do cost very little and remind you to their good memories.

5 - Generating new profits

The company may expand its business by increasing its line of products and services. This can be achieved by targeting existing customers or taking advantage of the media to address the needs of new customers. Given the low cost of promoting online (promoting the easiest way is to add a page on your site to describe a new product), it is easy to propose new product lines to meet the needs of existing customers.

The Internet offers the same opportunities to all businesses regardless of their size. What matters most is the advertising budget to establish the mark but also the capacity to meet customer needs in a professional, reliable and fast manner. It is relatively easy for a small structure to dominate a niche market through its presence on the Internet. So what are you waiting for?

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