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Lights, Camera, Action: Connect

Jun 20, 2008
As an affiliate marketer, try to think like a movie director who inspires actors to perform certain actions. Like that movie director, you control things. You control your article so that readers of it give you the results you desire. In your articles, you shine a light on a problem, you focus the camera on solutions, and then you watch those who need solutions take action.

That's the heart of affiliate marketing article writing; pointing the way to solutions. Every article you write for distribution has to provide solutions and encourage click backs to you and your affiliate website. Articles that fail to do so are a waste of your time and effort, and your readers' as well.

You have to form a connection with your readers to encourage them to visit your website to inquire further about your affiliate product. That's where they will find the complete solution to their wants and needs.

That connection results when you get readers agitated, irritated, riled up, or whatever. In essence, you have to get them emotionally involved in what you are writing about so they read further. When readers have a problem, they seek solutions. When they realize you have an article about their problem they take time to read it. They want to see if you offer a solution to their problem. As they read and see you do, they connect with you. You both are in harmony concerning a topic. With a connection formed, further the dialogue with them.

Nevertheless, how do you further that dialogue? How do you get them to go beyond the article itself and click to your affiliate site? You do so by promising more information and a detailed solution to their problem on your website. Your information article, while useful and timely as pertains to their problem is only the pre-sell. You have defined their problem. You have them agitated somewhat so they're anxious for more information. You have provided commentary about solutions. Now you have to move them to the solution. You do that by promising them a complete solution on your affiliate site.

Let them know your solution to their problem will save them money. Let them know your solution will save them time from continually hunting down solutions. Let them know they do not have to expend effort anymore to find a solution to their problem. Connect with them so they know you will fulfill their needs for a product that delivers what they require.

With your article, they will know there are more answers and products out there to help them towards a resolution. With an engaging article that they read to the end, you encourage clicks back to your website through links.

Think of it; someone has just read an article, thinking, "It's all here, they understand my problem, and they are talking about solutions for it." They then realize they need information that is more specific. They realize they need a look at that product that can help them. They see a link to your site. They know you know what you're talking about because of your quality article. They want to see what else you're talking about concerning their problem. They click back to you and lo and behold, there's more information and a beautiful picture of your affiliate product.

It's all about being in control of your article and using it to direct readers to action. Be that director who points people where they should be. This can happen when you shine a light on their problem. That's what can result when you focus, like a camera, on a solution to their problem. That's what happens when your article inspires them to action. These actions save them time, money and effort.
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