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How to Increase Your Sales by Keeping Your Visitors Coming Back to Your Site

Jun 20, 2008
When visitors go to your site, you must retain their full attention. Very few Internet users will put your site on their list of "favorite". So what are the conditions that must be fulfilled so that you keep your visitors coming back to your site and then become customers in the future? There are four strategies used on the biggest merchant Web sites. These methods will increase your customer loyalty and your income at the same time.

1 - Stand out.

Having your own domain name is a sure way to you score points in terms of credibility. You justify your presence on the Internet. This perception is important, your credibility may be challenged by such an address: www.your-host.com/sub-domain/your-business-com. Remember that by hosting your site this way you will end loosing a lot more than having a real domain name that you paid for. So to avoid all these little inconvenience, your address must look like the following model: www.your-site.com

2 - Protect your customers.

Post a ''respect for privacy'' declaration on your web site. It is possible to be punished for abuse of personal data. The safety of passing information on the Internet is still valid, you can make a difference on your site with a description of your procedures to protect your customers.

3 - Website Design.

We must take a great care on how we judge the graphical appearance of our site. What style are you looking for? Rather the kind organized and professional or simply a showcase site that represent your company or even a personal page (you never know maybe that this solution could work). You can develop your site by yourself if you have the knowledge and the time required. That is certainly the most economical solution in the short term, but that may not be the most profitable in the long run if you focus your attention on another part of your business. If you need assistance in the review of your site do not hesitate to seek for honest and ruthless advice.

4 - E-mail follow up

If you do not ask your visitors to leave their e-mail address, there is little chance that they do so spontaneously, especially if it is for a newsletter. It is important that you can give them a good reason to subscribe to your newsletter and not at another. State that you are a reliable source of knowledge, let them understand that they need you. Once your visitors subscribe, they will then become a good source of regular visitors. Use auto-responders like Aweber to deliver your e-mail newsletters. Running a newsletter is one of the most effective ways to get repeat business from your customers.

Unfortunately there is no miracle powder to keep your visitors on your website. You must keep testing all the time to find what works the best for your business. However thanks to these classic mistakes and obstacles that keep your visitors running away from your website!

To Your Success!
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