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Network Marketing - Your Reason Why

Jun 20, 2008
The strength of your motivation for doing network marketing is what will keep you in the game. Like all of life network marketing poses challenges. There are good days and bad days. And unless you are doing it full time, you have your job to fall back on if it does not work out. Being a home based business mlm tends to be something that is easy to quit when the going gets rough.

And yet we know that if we don't quit we will win. "Winners never quit and quitters never win". An there are those statistics that someone like Mark Yarnell will comment on: for those who remain in any network marketing opportunity for ten or more years 95% will become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. The other 5% were in it for the other benefits such as personal development and a bit of extra income and they will reach their goals too. So why quit?

There are probably as many excuses as there are people. But the underlying reasons are few.

1. It Doesn't Work
Whether it is people saying it to us or our own experience, this would be the commonest one out there. No matter how good any mlm worker is they are going to encounter "Nos". And it can be those closest to you who will give you your strongest no. The stronger the connection the more someone can hurt you. Some people talk to only a few people - two or three (or even at times ten) and get all "no" replies. If even their own mother or best mate will not join them in the business or become a customer how will anyone else? That might seem reasonable but the reality is not everyone sees it. And their refusal can be based on their past experience either directly personal or of someone else they knew who tried it and failed or never did much with it. Probably most of us know or are related to people like this.

But that good advice of taking care of those you take advice from is worthwhile. Do you listen to those who are broke to learn how to make money? Or a billionaire? Anyone in any business who has got anywhere will tell you it took some work. That is effort, coping with nos and with failures at times. The reason the successful ones in any business, mlm or otherwise, made it was that they never gave up. Ask anyone who has made it to honestly tell you how their time had been on the way up. Every single one will have had some dark, extremely tough time, probably many of them, when it would have seemed so much easier to give up. Most successful entrepreneurs have failed several times before they finally made it.

2. The Failure Of Those Under You
In mlm we build teams. And the teams are made up of all sorts of people. You are told when you come in that you never know who the good ones will be. It takes time, several months, and with some people several years, before you will see who the great ones are, the leaders and so on. In a networking home business you become quite close to your team. You are training them and hearing regularly how they are doing. Many people feel responsible for those on their team. When they fail to achieve great things they can take this personally. To some degree there is a personal responsibility. We should have been trained well by our upline. At times this was not so. They were still learning how to do this business and may have messed it up. We tend to duplicate the actions of our uplines for those in our downlines. What else do we know? This multiplication of less than ideal methods can result in very poor results compared with those doing it well.

There comes a point for every network marketer where they have to assume responsibility for their business. And, as in all life, we can ultimately be responsible for our own actions only. We cannot force people (at least not very successfully) to do those things they are not willing to do. If we wrongly accept responsibility for others in our team, when they fail, we feel like we have failed. The only things that really fail are a poor system (everything duplicates, good or bad) and the individual who makes a decision what is important for them.

It is possible to have whole upline members quit. If you are in mlm long enough this is bound to happen. They will have their own reason for quitting. A main one is that lack of stickability when they feel there is not enough success. They will usually blame the business and head for another one. At times they may be right. It might not be a good business fit for them. But if it is otherwise a successful company that did not conflict with their core values their experience of another company is likely to be the same as the previous one. We take ourselves with us wherever we go.

3. The Pain Of Personal Development
One of the great benefits of mlm business is personal development. There is very little else out there that creates the need for this in the same way. It is simple to understand why. You have your own business which is virtually totally dependent on you (not for the underlying business, but for how it develops - it is a reflection of you) for growth and results.

Each step up the ladder involves more responsibility and expectation from those under you. You grow or perish - or at the least, don't advance. If you attain a position beyond where your development is you can either lose your team as they find you are not a strong enough rock to relate to, or you can stagnate while your development catches up. And if you are going to become financially independent in this lifestyle living off the huge rewards of ever-growing residual income, then for the sake of the planet, it is vital you have developed far beyond where you were when you first started your mlm business.

4. That Reason Why!
This is it! Most of us were told this when we joined. And most of us were told we needed to commit some years in the business to getting there. But back of it all, to remain in those years, to do what you have been told and not get results, or maybe not do them and then come back, or to be bold to try some new ways, you need a strong reason why. Your motivation. It is everything in the end.

For many this can change as they are in the system. Initially for many it will be about a little bit of extra money to cover rising petrol prices, mortgages etc, or financial independence. But the question at the back of financial independence is what do you want to do when you are financially independent? Apart from having a decent holiday at last, getting the home you always wanted, or the car, or providing for your children's education, once you have all that covered, then what? It may take some time to see. And it will be an individual idea for each one of us. But think of this: with a huge financial purse to fund it, what could you do in this world? How would the world be different for you being here? What would you like to see happen?

Using Your Unconscious Mind
And for all of us this is the conviction we need to fall back on when all else seems to turn to custard. There will be days everything falls apart and it all looks so black and so hard. But the more you have fed your unconscious mind on that deep overwhelming reason why, the easier and faster it will be for you to drive on forward. We need to regularly feed ourselves on this deep reason. Picture it. Read about it. Dream of it as you go to sleep at night - the time it is most easy to get in contact with your unconscious mind - that part that controls 95% of all you do. Like the crew on the ship, where the captain is our conscious mind, unless the unconscious shares the understanding of where we want to head, it is unlikely to help us get there. Those other unconscious beliefs, values and goals will drag us where they want to go. So feed that unconscious - with dreams, images everywhere, daydreaming and direct suggestions.

If you don't yet feel you have a strong reason why ask your unconscious mind to work on finding one for you. It will work for you while you sleep in the same way it will wake you before the alarm at some time it has been vital for you to get up early. The easiest way to do this is to address it directly three time in three different ways. Before you go to sleep (or if you wake up in the night not being able to go back to sleep) tell it then: "Unconscious mind I want you to search for a huge reason why I should be doing my network marketing business. As I sleep I want you to search all possibilities and present to me a massive motivation for doing my mlm business. By the time I wake unconscious mind I want you to reveal to me the best reason I should do my home business." You can instruct it to help you remember it too. It will! It is like an obedient crew. It needs definite and clear instructions for what it is to do, and it will perform. Otherwise, with no clear direction, it will give you that sort of result. You can instruct it in the same way to give you a great night's sleep as well. Try it. It works!

Once your motivation is sorted and it is locked deep into your unconscious mind there is no way you cannot succeed. When you meet an obstacle it will work out for you, if necessary overnight, how to get around it. It will give you new and creative ideas as to how to grow your business. And it will seem to magnetically draw people and opportunities to you - those who will best help you in the accomplishment of the task. Did you ever read Napoleon Hill's "Think And Grow Rich" book and wonder at the end what it was all about?
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