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Keyword Research SEO Secret Tips

Jun 20, 2008
Search engine optimization or SEO is highly important in the World Wide Web these days. With more and more people wanting to have a site of their own, there have been lots of conflicts arising from the mushrooming of thousands and thousands of web sites everyday. Primary of which is the conflict that arises from web rankings resulting from search results from major search engines. Thus, in order to make your website very competitive in gaining top ranking and attracting many internet users, you or your web content developers should master the art and science of keyword research SEO.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is that process of optimizing a site through the improvement of the website's various aspects - both internal and external - especially the web page contents; so as to heighten the number of users that will visit the site. In relation to such, the number of users that will visit the site largely depends on the search results of the search engines. Search Engines are those web -based programs that help Internet surfers in finding information on the Internet.

Basically, the Internet users will just have to type - in keywords related to the information they want to see over the web. Thus, if one wants to obtain high rankings in search results of major search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, or Google, they have to make sure that they use high quality and an equally high quantity of search engine keywords as well. To be able to do this, they need to do a keyword research SEO.

Keyword research SEO is critical to the process of developing a website. Without keyword research SEO, you might mistakenly use wrong words and you might end up on rankings that Internet users rarely get to see. As such, it is very important that you get a clear idea of what keyword research SEO is all about. To guide you through the process, here are the steps involved in such.

a. Brainstorming. This is the first step in keyword research SEO. It involves the process of thinking about the possible search engine keywords that your target consumers or target Internet users when they search information that can be found, or is related to your website. To come up with a comprehensive set of possible keywords, you can opt to research for possible keyword searches, and you can even do a survey among your target consumers.

b. Use Keyword Research Tools. With so much people into the process of search engine optimization, lots of companies have come up with tools that can be used to for keyword research SEO. Basically, such tools indicate the frequency of keyword input in search engines. They indicate the number of times that Internet surfers use specific search words. Many of these tools can be find in the web itself such as Word tracker and Overture.

c. Select your keywords and test your choices. Last in the process of keyword research SEO is to come up with your keywords and then make good web contents about them. To test your choice of keywords, you should also do keyword performance analytics through the use of analytics programs that measure the traffic you get from the World Wide Web. Among the many tools that can help you evaluate your keyword choices are Indextools and ClickTracks.
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