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How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Bob Withers
Jun 20, 2008
Targeted Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business and is one of the most important factors to ensure the success of any website. Targeted Traffic is focused on directing a perspective customer who knows what they want to a supplier who has what they want and is what drives any online business.

Targeted traffic is the key to success and if your website is not what your visitor is searching for, then that visitor will not convert into a paying customer.
Targeted traffic is the key to higher website conversion and more sales and is simply traffic from sources and locations that are relevant to your site.

Targeted traffic is very important because without it you won't make sales. Targeted visitors are people who want to be on your site because they are looking for exactly what you are offering.

Targeted traffic is the single most important factor contributing to genuine long-term financial success online. Traffic is nothing more than the number of hits or visitors to your site, but targeted traffic is the number of potential customers who visit your site.

It has been shown that a smaller amount of targeted traffic is more likely to spend money than a larger amount of non-targeted traffic.

One of the ways to increase your targeted traffic is by writing articles, like this one. Make sure your Article relates to the overall theme of your website and what you are offering and contains keywords which are necessary to have your Article picked up by the different search engines.

Another key to attracting targeted traffic is to set up a Blog and clearly identify your Blog's niche. Make sure your Blog is centered around or dedicated to whatever you're promoting and is updated on a regular basis.

If you'd like to increase the number of targeted visitors to your website, write and submit a couple of press releases to leading Public Relations distribution websites. You not only get prospects looking for information about your subject but you also get indexed by search engines very quickly.

Another way to attract targeted traffic is to use targeted keywords and key phrases to really pull in those visitors. The secret to getting more targeted visitors is to appear at the top of the search engine rankings for many different search terms.

One other method of gaining more targeted traffic is to create a newsletter for your opt-in list or subscription list. You can also use your newsletter as an offer to entice more people to give their vital information such as name and email address before entering your website to help add to your list.

You can also create an electronic magazine or ezine. Again make sure that it deals with the topics on your site and this will result in more traffic and, more importantly, in more targeted traffic.

Discussion forums are another good way to start your marketing campaign. You can start posting or answering questions at leading forums. This will enhance your presence and as more people get to know you a relationship will form and people will trust you.

In order to get traffic from the forums, you must put your signature in your profile, which is 3 or 4 lines of text with a link to your site or the affiliate's website strategically placed.

One final method which I believe to be the most important strategy for driving targeted traffic to your website is a content rich site or Blog. Content drives traffic which drives sales and good quality content will bring visitors back again and again. These visitors will begin to tell other people about your site and before you know it you'll have an email list of thousands.

Attracting targeted traffic is a task that should be taken seriously for any online business to succeed. If you've owned your own website for any length of time you've realized that targeted traffic can be very difficult to attract. The bottom line is lots of targeted traffic is essential for the success of any online commercial enterprise.
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