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Secrets To Creating An Automated MLM Prospecting System Revealed

Jun 20, 2008
Anyone can create their own automated MLM prospecting system and tools. All of this can be online. Just think using a system to follow-up with people who are already interested in what you have to say, instead of asking people to look at your MLM business. There are three basic steps you will need to follow in order to create your own MLM prospecting system.

The first step in setting up your own MLM prospecting system is creating something called a landing page. A landing page is basically just a regular web page, but with your marketing message on it. However, you need to make this a little unique because with this system, you only have about 10 seconds to grab someones attention. You need some sort of attention grabbing headline. Something like "Lose weight the easy way" or "Make Big Money from Home". You want to grab their attention enough to get them to input their e-mail address into your page.

The second part of your landing page must have a place for where the person visiting can put their information in. The less you ask for the better. I recommend only asking for a first name and e-mail address. Once they input this information, they will automatically have their information put into your e-mail auto-responder.

The second step in setting up your own MLM prospecting system is having an auto responder. An auto responder is an e-mail system which will automatically send out e-mails to those who have gone to your landing page and input their information. In this way, you can get your marketing message out to your MLM prospect without you manually intervening. The key here is to first establish a relationship with those people, not to try and sell them something right off the bat. Once you have a relationship established with them, then you can begin to try and sell them on your MLM Company.

The third step in setting up your own MLM prospecting system is to market your landing page. You are going to want to get the URL link to your web page out on the web as much as possible so that as many people as possible can see it and potentially go to your site. There are many tools and techniques to do this: traffic exchanges, ezine solo ads, banner advertisements, etc. Be creative and think of your own ways to do this!

You can set up your own MLM prospecting system by following those three steps: create your landing page, setting up an auto-responder e-mail system, and finally marketing your landing page on the internet. Once you have those, you have your won MLM prospecting system set-up on the Internet and ready to go. Your own MLM prospecting system and sales person ready to market your business 24 hours a day!
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