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Three Hugely Successful Ways to make Big Dollars Online

Jun 20, 2008
Power Tool #1: Your Own Web site

-- Big Deal you already know that.

-- A site you control is a must have, your idea or someone else's, it matters not, bottom line is you need one. either way. Its your window to the world. Its a critical tool. Take time in planning the site, its layout and ensure it optimized and user- friendly.

-- People generally surf the net, looking for information, not necessarily looking to buy. Useful or value add information will lead to sales, many people buy on impulse which is generally triggered by interesting content from your site.

-- Never neglect the power of content, new, fresh and interesting content. Keep people informed, encourage genuine excitement, people love to learn. Comical content is great, ensure its pure and not critical of anyone or anything, you will be on a winner.

-- Its not difficult becoming an expert. It all starts with one own mind. Post inspiring articles that will brand you as an expert, the more decent articles the better. Let it define you as a person who can be trusted.

Power Tool #2: Incentives

-- There is competition everywhere, but don't let that phase you for a moment. Most, actually get it all wrong. Lets focus on capturing your share of a targeted market whom you want to convert as a peruser, someone who will click - through and become absorbed in your content resulting in possible/probable sales.

-- People love incentives, love them! Consider offering a newsletter, an e-zine, gratuitous software, free, anything free, product give aways, be creative anything you can think of it. We want visitors to sign up, you want their email, name and better still phone number. Its called an opt-in list, it will become your best friend.

Nugget #3: Link Popularity.

-- You must drive targeted traffic to your site. Lets not forget, there are people involved here, not just numbers. Link Popularity (LP) whether done in-house or outsourced will go a long way in attracting people to your site. Search engines rank LP highly therefore its an important part of your arsenal.

-- To be super successful online, you need to hang out, whether personally or online with Super Successful and crazy like motivators, these people will move mountains, hang tough with them.
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Floyd Hart is an expert in his trade and a motivated Team Marketing Teacher with a different take on making big dollars on line. Check out Floyd and his partner Joshua at his Big Ticket to Wealth page.
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