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Why Most People Fail With Their Internet Business

Jun 20, 2008
If you've managed to find this article then I'm sure your in the exact same boat I was in starting in Early, 2006. I was surfing the internet and came across an opportunity to work from home. As I read the pages my mind became emersed in deep thought, and the possibilities began to excite me beyond words. I kept reading every line, every word not even caring about the price they were asking to join this life changing, wealth generating opportunity. I quickly found myself flashing out my credit card and joining the dream laid upon my doorstep. As I dove in head first I followed every step, every instruction and I hit a brick wall. Now all I had to do was advertise my replicated website and the money would pour in!

Sadly, like 99% of people who join a home based business, whether it be pills, potions, affiliate marketing, membership sites or a hundred others. I didn't have the slightest clue how to advertise. My sponsor in the program was new also and really couldn't provide me with any real business building methods.

I was stuck, already a $1000 in debt (that I really couldn't afford to begin with) and facing the fact that I'm going to have to educate myself on internet advertising and then actually fund the advertising.

So I began that venture, days went by and my debt increased along with my frustration. I learned that I would need autoresponders, and URL redirects and to incorporate list building techniques to truley be successful.. because as the slogan says, "The money is in the list". These services and purchases add up very fast, and then I really started to realize just how expensive the advertising would be..

I found articles written about how the guru's spend thousands every month on their internet advertising alone.. Well, no wonder they make such big bucks. But "I don't have thousands", I thought to myself. "I really don't even have hundreds at this point".

Next, I moved on furthering my education by trying to learn ways to market or advertise my new internet business through free means. I looked at every website that promised free website traffic that google and yahoo could dish out, and was continually duped and faked out.

Finally, the cold hard reality set in. A quality lead for my business is going to cost me. As a matter of fact its going to cost me anywhere from 1$ to $10 per lead, and there was still a good chance they wouldn't join. I was going to have to be on the phone calling these leads as soon as they came in, providing a convincing voice to help ensure the sale. The major problem with this was that I simply had no real experience to share. I wasn't about to lie and say I make thousands every week when I hadn't.. So why would I expect anyone to join me.

So, I was out of money and had to take a long break from this endeavor and after many months I got an email that caught my attention about the next big thing and I was all over it yet again. This time my sponsor has a system of duplication that allowed me to advertise HIS success story and simply include my referral links. Little did I know that all this simply did was provide more advertisement for my sponsor and not me.

These are the cold hard facts about home business models:

1. Your Sponsor (The self proclaimed Guru) may or may not be there to fully support you. Choosing your sponsor carefully is one of the most important things you can do.

2. Promoting replicated websites created by the GURU is a business killer from the start. You have to brand yourself!

3. Advertising is expensive and an on-going effort. If you have less than $1,000 to kick start your online business and are prepared to reinvest that amount of your earnings or more every month, run far far away.

4. Other costs have to be considered such as payment processing accounts, autoresponders, domain names.

5. The cost to join the business can be extremely expensive as well. They can range anywhere from $10 to $10,000.

6. The top 1% of internet marketers in the home based business niche earn 99% of the profit. That means that 99% of people who join an internet business fail, and a majority of the time it is based on facts we've already covered.

So you may ask, "Ok, Bryan.. So what do we do to change it?"

The answer is this:

If you want to succeed, then you have to be willing to set yourself apart from the rest, and fully educate yourself on internet marketing. And by internet marketing I mean, email marketing, solo ads, PPC (pay-per-click advertising), social networks, traffic exchanges and so on. The bottom line is that this education is going to be expensive. If your willing to do this then one day you will find success.

I had someone ask me a little while back.. "Bryan, isn't there another way? ...An easier way?"

Well Guess What...

There is!

There are a few internet opportunities out there that can allow a person of any experience, any age, and with any budget and still find success. One may ask why everyone wouldn't be all over this kind of opportunity and the answer to that is simple... It's just not well known... There are thousands of internet opportunities out there all getting advertised every single day.

I'm going to share a little secret with you. I joined 7... I repeat 7 home based businesses to learn that most get you no where fast.

Do yourself a favor and do your research before you join any opporutnity and save yourself the time, and the money that it has cost many of us before you.
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Bryan Braning is an experienced internet marketer and home business owner. Bryan also is the founder of the GPT Lifestyle System through which he is a home business coach and mentor for those interested in making fortunes from home. Click Here To Learn More About Bryan Braning and AdSurfDaily
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