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How To Use YouTube To Increase Your Website Traffic

Jun 21, 2008
Want to be on the cutting edge when it comes to Internet marketing? The next big thing in Internet marketing is video marketing, and it's easy to use video marketing to sell your website and your products.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a new Internet marketing tool that is just catching on among people that do business on the Web. Video marketing has launched the success of everything from movies to colognes. In the past video marketing wasn't really possible because of the slow speed of most Internet connections but these days most people that use the Internet have DSL or high speed cable Internet connections so that videos can be streamed from the Web with no problem Video marketing entails making small video clips that are funny, or informative, or have high tech graphics that get people's attention.

How is Video Marketing Different from Regular Commercials?

On the surface video marketing might seem like just another variation of a regular commercial but the difference is that most video marketing is done virally. Viral videos are videos that are embedded into a blog, or a website, or a profile on a social networking site like MySpace or Facebook. The code for the video includes a link so that people can email the video to their friends and family or submit it to news aggregator sites. Once a video gets spread around the Web, like a virus, it can generate thousands of hits to the website that it is advertising.

How to Make a Viral Video

Usually viral video clips are short, between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, and need to do more than just advertise a product or website. The more outrageous the idea for the video the more likely that it will get spread quickly around the Web. There are lots of resources on the Web that give detailed instructions on how to make a great viral video.

There are lots of sites that you can upload your video to where it will get seen by people but the most popular site for videos on the Web is YouTube. YouTube is a free site where you can upload your video clips after setting up a profile. YouTube videos are displayed with links and HTML code in them so that watchers can email the video, embed the video in their own websites or blogs, or link to the video. If you want to see some great examples of video marketing go to YouTube and check out some of the great videos that users of YouTube have created.
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