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Why "Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow" is Bogus!

Jun 21, 2008
You may have heard the phrase, "Do what you love and the money will follow." It suggests that following your passion will lead you to success and money. I like the premise, but it's not always reality. Not everyone can - nor should they - quit their job and "do what they love." What I like more is my own philosophy, which is "LOVE what you DO and the money will follow."

One of the most important lessons I've learned is that it's hard to become highly successful when you don't LOVE what you do. You must love the organization and the product or service you are involved with. It's important to do what you really believe in and to love it. Since you spend more than a third of your life in your work, shouldn't you love what you do?

When you love what you're doing, regardless of what it is, you will be more successful at it. Whether you're running a coaching business like I do, running a restaurant, working as a doctor or chiropractic, are in sales, are in carpet cleaning -- whether you are self-employed or work for someone else - when you love what you do, it makes a world of difference! And in today's challenging economy, this is crucial.

There are untold stories about people who hated their jobs, but one day realized that they had to make a change in their thinking, or lose everything. And I mean everything -- not only their jobs, but their families as well. They had a boss who was nasty, responsibilities that were abhorrent to them, and customers who were really disagreeable. They did not love what they did.

The ironic thing is that the moment they viewed their job differently and made an effort to find at least one small aspect of their job to love, a series of unstoppable events occurred, propelling a change in their entire situation.

Once they viewed their boss differently and gave him/her the benefit of the doubt, the entire demeanor of the individual changed. He/She became nicer and more patient.

Once they stopped dreading and refused to hate their responsibilities, they became easier to perform. And in fact, many report they were given even greater responsibilities that they loved from the start. (And that meant greater income, too!)

And once they started seeing their customers as people with lives, challenges, and families of their own - you guessed it - even the customers were more pleasant.

How do you suppose I discovered the validity of all this? Well, I've learned much of it the hard way. I've made mistakes and suffered the consequences. I jumped from job to job to job when I was younger. It was after all this jumping that the "love and grow rich" philosophy started to develop in my life. I started to think about my employer, product, service and customers of the company differently. Instead of looking for new work that I might love, I started to look for what I loved about the company I was working with. This slight change of thinking created an enormous change in my life!

Consider how this could apply to what you're doing right now. If you loved your product or service enough, would there be any way to keep you from growing rich? You'd go forward with great enthusiasm and confidence, wouldn't you?

Look for reasons why you love your job, why it's filled with opportunity, and how you can follow your passion within the job you have now. It doesn't matter what the job is, all that matters is that it's something that you love so much that you are willing to put your entire heart and soul into the effort.

When you love what you do, you add five days to every week.
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