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Automate Your Pinging Efforts

Jun 21, 2008
It doesn't matter if you are running a blog or a static website, it is important that you are pinging it on a regular basis. This is something that many individuals overlook, especially if they are posting information outside of the blogsphere. The fact of the matter is, it is one of the fundamental parts of making sure that your website is visited on a regular basis by the search engines and that your new information is being indexed. What good does it do to have your website pinged and how can you automate the process in order to maximize the results?

Whenever you post new information onto your website it is important for you to send out a ping in order to get the blog search engines to visit your website. All you are basically doing is notifying those search engines and listing websites that there is new information to be viewed. If you have your stats open at the time and are able to refresh them, you will probably notice that there are some services that will come immediately once they are pinged in order to look at your website. Not only are they taking a look at what you have to offer, they are taking the information back to their own website and listing snippets of that information with a link. This is an excellent way to get your website recognized by the search engine because many of them will visit these ping service websites on a regular basis, sometimes many times per day.

How often should you ping your website? That all depends on how often you're adding new information. Some people will ping their website every day if that is how often they are adding an article. It is really up to the individual and there is no cut and dry rule as to how often you should ping your website. Unless you're site is extremely popular, however, you may want to limit it to a certain degree so that it is not seen as being abusive. This could cause them to stop visiting you altogether. Once a day should suffice if that is how often you're adding information, if you add it weekly then only ping it once a week when the new information is added.

There are several different ways that you can automate your pinging efforts. One of the most popular is by adding the ping websites into the backend of your blog. This is very easy, especially if you're using Wordpress. Other than that, however, there are some websites such as pingoat.com that will handle his process for you automatically. One of the reasons why I especially like this website is because you can bookmark the results pages in order to give your website a quick ping with a simple click of a button. This is especially useful if you have multiple websites that you are adding content to on a regular basis.
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