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How To Avoid Getting Scammed Online When Looking For Money Making Opportunities

Jun 21, 2008
We are all looking for ways to make money online, but how do we know which opportunity's are scams and which are genuine. Scams out number the genuine opportunity's many time over but what are the sign's to look out for before you buy. There are many small mistake which can give away a websites true intension's and below are just some points you should know before you buy.

1: Beware of fake or hyped up reviews which only aim is to get you to buy the product because the reviewer will receive commission. Good signs to recognize this type of review, if the review sounds more like a sales pitch and if links to the product are included in the review.

2: Watch out for testimonials on the sales page do not accept these unless you can contact the person to verify there testimonial.You may consider this before buying in to more expensive products.Look for a website address at the bottom of the testimonials.

3: Try The email customer support apart from asking a few questions about the product,The quality and depth of the response can also tell you alot about a company or product.If you do not receive a response or a vague response which raise more questions than it answers stay well away.

4: Scam website usually have little or no contact information if there is not address ,phone number or email address stay well clear as these types of site they will take your money and run.Also look out for unorganized website full of spelling mistakes as these sites may have been throw together over night.

5: Do some research via search engines about the product and company you are interested in more often than not you can find some real reviews which can give good insight into what your about to purchase. Also get some background information on the company you are dealing with.

6: make sure the site you intend to deal with is Pay pal verified, All legit websites are Pay pal VERIFIED. Never send money to someone who's UNVERIFIED.

7: Most legit website will also offer a 30-90 day 100% money back guarantee however this is not true for every legit website but most will.

8: If you are unhappy with your purchase You can always get a full refund by going straight to the merchant payment provider. Find your original receipt, it should have a support email address. Simply mention your receipt code and state you want a refund.

These are the best ways to stay clear and never get scammed online again. Hold on to your money and do not jump in to making a purchase before checking out the product in more detail.
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Written by Paul Mclaughlin an internet marketer Who helps beginners make money online through his website http://www.easyprofitsclub.com
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