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How To Make Money With Freebie Websites

Jun 21, 2008
While you are surfing the Internet you might come across ads or websites offering free Ipods, XBoxes, or something like that. While some of those may be scams, many of them are not. That's right, you can really earn those items and they are "somewhat" free.

What is going on with these sites and are they legit? As a newbie you will be offered many opportunities to sign up for items through other peoples referral links. As a reward for doing that, the person will pay the newbie anywhere from $20 to $50 for signing up and completing the offer(s). This is called "going green".

Once you find a referal person (called a trader) you want to work for, you click through their link to a website that will have tons of offers. First you have to select the prize you want and to get that prize (either electronics or PayPal cash) you will have to refer others at a future time. Before that though, you will need to fulfill that first offer and earn some money from your trader.

When you are a complete newbie, you pretty much have to learn the ropes by fulfilling other peoples referrals and learning as much as you can. After you get the hang of it then you can start getting referrals and people to work for you. This is definitely where the good money is made.

Would you rather be a little worker bee fulfilling offers for someone else or would you rather have a whole horde of newbies working for you? Some of the successful traders do this full time and spend most of their day trying to find others to work for them.

At first it would be smart to choose the smaller prizes or cash amount so that you can make sure you are not juggling too many plates at the same time. As a trader, you will want to learn everything you can because if you are going to be successful at finding newbies willing to work for you and fulfill offers for you, you will often have to walk them through it. You will be the one paying them the money and leading the way therefore the more you know the better.

Once you get the hang of it and build your reputation and PayPal account up, you can start going for the three, four, and five hundred dollar cash prizes. Then you will be needing as many as 10 different referrals and you will have to make sure you can deal with that many people and have everything go smoothly.

If done correctly you can make well over a thousand a month with only a minimal amount of work. Some people make over $2000 a month. As with any job, though, the more you learn and the more work you put into it the more you can make. There are many different freebie websites to get involved with and many of them allow you to do unlimited offers. If you do it correctly it is like running your own little business.
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