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6 Recipes For Success When Starting Your New Online Business

Jun 21, 2008
Starting a new business online is not a simple thing. Many internet marketers are failing miserably online. They spent all their time and money testing and making mistakes. Here are five points to make sure that you stay clear of the black hole and meet success with your new online business.

1 - Develop a unique position for your product.

What is unique in your product or service? Is it better than competing products or simply the same? If it is identical in terms of features for what reason a prospect would buy your product rather than products already on the market? What distinguishes your product from the others? The successful online businesses are never copying each other, but offer a unique and new product aimed at a niche market.

2 - Find a market before developing a product.

Those who choose a product without performing a market research are taking the most difficult path. Find a market filled with people who are willing to buy your product. That way you can respond to their needs. Make sure that the market is growing or large enough to generate a good income in the long run. If you identify that the market is too small, thing twice before even going further.

3 - Do not create a market.

Find an existing market. If you can not describe your prospects in a few lines, you'll suffer when you try to sell your products online. Make a market survey to find out who you are talking to. Who are your prospects? Does your target market need your product? Your prospects, do they expect your product? Are they looking for its specificity? Do not attempt to create a desire in people who are not part of your target market. It will be easier to sell a steak knife to a hunter than a vegetarian.

4 - Multiply your sources of income.

In most cases, more than 50% of profits from your website could come from multiple sales. It is easier to sell a second product to an existing customer than to win a new prospect. Sell therefore services and benefits associated with your products such as the installation or support. If you offer products, try to sell complementary products. If you do not offer more than one product or service, you put aside the majority of your income.

5 - Make sure you have expensive products in your overall strategy.

If you sell products currently inexpensive (a few hundred bucks), which are not consumables, you must find other products more expensive to sell at the same time to your customers. It is easier to sell a product costing $5000 to a single client than selling a $50 product to 100 clients.

6 - The purpose of advertising is to sell.

Unless it is a large multinational, you can not afford to spend millions to create your image on the Internet. Keep your investment low and make sure that every cent you spent on advertising generates at least one cent in revenue. Focus on simple campaigns whose results are easily quantifiable.

To Your Success!
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