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Your Money Maker Turning Into a Profit Empire

Jun 21, 2008
What is the difference between a money maker and a profit empire? In this article I will explaning the difference by using real life examples from myself and others.

Armand Morin is a great person to start with. Not only is he a brilliant information marketer, but what he is famous for is his company Generator Software. There are a wide range of useful products that are included under his one company.

A money maker for Armand Morin would have been E-book Generator. If he'd just stopped after E-book Generator and didn't create any more Generator products, that would have been his money maker.

Every single day people jump online and they purchase E-book Generator. He has sales coming in all the time. That is a money maker.

But Armand did not stop there. He took that concept, that idea of a generator-type product, then started coming up with all kinds of new ideas to build an empire.

E-book Generator, E-cover Generator, Sales Letter Generator, Opt-In Generator, Audio Generator, Instant Video Generator, Directory Generator are just some of the Generator products that have been developed. He now has tons of products.

The difference is he did not stop at a money maker. He expanded and let his imagination go to generate and create all kinds of new products that would intertwine with each other.

During one of our recent conversations we were talking about just this. Armand was explaning to me that when he comes up with a product idea, until he has three or four complimentary products he won't launch the first one.

The reason they do that is because they can get a higher price point when they are looking to build a profit empire versus a money maker,or one idea.

They look for three or four ideas that they can put altogether, instead of just launching one.

That's what I want to recommend you do when you're looking to generate new ideas, or new products, or new services for your business because most information marketers, they stop short once they have a good idea for something.

My time I spent working with John Childers is another good example of this. During John's training he teachers speakers how to sell their products from the front of the room. By doing so, he also teaches how to create all kinds of products to be able to sell.

Normally, students will create one package, and then they'll focus on only selling that one package. But the true, high-level marketer knows that every single effort you should be asking yourself, "How could I turn this into another product?"

Recently when I was a best man in a wedding I put this principle, that John Childers taught me, into practice.

When my friend asked me to be his best man, I really didn't know what I was supposed to do, say or what it was really involved. All my friends are starting to get married and this concept was completely new to me.

I didn't know a thing about what it meant to be a best man - so I looked it up online!

Although the information was easily accessible, it still took me hours to piece everything together because it was scattered on various websites. It literally took me close to six hours to complete my research. This was a good friend of mine, I wanted to be the best, best man I could be.

During this time I came across a lot of tips and strategies to being a good best man online.

Do you know what I did while I was researching? I wrote everything down and kept notes and soon I'll be launching "Ideas For the Best Man" as a new product. By embedding the question, "How could I turn this into another product?" I thought of this product, because I had to put forth an effort to find out how to be the best, best man.

You inevitably are going to start building that profit empire because whatever your product or service is right now, ask yourself the question What else am I doing for my customers? How could I turn that into another product? Then you start building a profit empire versus a money maker.

So get out there right now and start figuring out how you can turn your money maker into a profit empire. Don't have a money maker yet? That's OK, knowing this concept puts you well ahead of 95% of the competition.
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