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Do Not Be Afraid to Start a Home Business Anyone Can Succeed

Jun 21, 2008
I truly believe there has never been a better and more exciting time to work from home as there presently exists. The Internet has opened a new and exciting chapter to working from home, & it is available to everyone. From school children to grand parents with no barriers from sex, race, color, creed or religion. Both men & women can compete on equal terms for pay & without any barriers. In fact some of these opportunities may offer even better chances & rewards for women, so come on ladies why not give it a look.

The present climate in the world is one of fear, recession, job uncertainty & ever increasing debt and rising prices. Each day our fuel & utility bills rise higher along with food and basic commodities. No one has a safe job anymore & businesses word wide are downsizing.

So what's the alternative & where can we find the comfort of job security? I believe the answer lies at your very own doorstep. OK it may not appeal to everyone but it is probably the biggest opportunity that most of us can take right here & now. It has the potential to give you a lifetime of security that you may never get in a job, with rewards that many people could never imagine or believe.

The problem with a job is you never really get paid your real worth, & no matter how well you serve your boss each week you rarely get paid more unless you work longer hours. However the Internet can offer a true leveraged income, if you are not familiar with this term it simply means that you get paid for not only your efforts & work but also from the efforts and work of others.

The great thing about some of these businesses is that you get paid even when you are not working, for example when you are asleep or on holiday! Some other great things about working from home and being self employed are you answer only to yourself, you get to work where & when you want. You can run your business around your family and social life & you only have to ask yourself for time off.

There are also many financial advantages that it has to offer. Some of these include income tax relief on the cost of many items for example, a portion of your utility bills to cover your home office, & some of the expenses of running your car. Don't worry about these things most accountants will give you a free initial sitting to point you in the right direction. Also most local tax offices will supply you with all the information you need for free. In your early days you may not need an accountant,

(Tip) Keep a separate bank account for your business. Keep all your receipts & keep them in a date order & in a month by month folder. it will save a lot of time and heartache trust me.

Keep accurate records of income and expense in date order, you can use one book with income on one page & expense on the opposite facing page, always try to keep a separate set of pages for each month with room at the bottom for monthly totals. (Tip) golden rule, update your book keeping on at least a weekly basis

OK this sounds great, so whats the down side? Well it is still a business & you will need to treat it as one. You will need to do work on a consistent & regular basis and it is important that you treat it as going to work & not a hobby. It's a really good idea to set aside a set number of hours you would ideally and realistically like to work each day, they can be as flexible as you like, however you do need to make a habit of working. I would recommend a minimum of two hours each day.

Providing you follow the above you will succeed, the only difference being the more hours you work the quicker you will see a return on your efforts. Don't treat it like a race, it's not a race its a journey and should be enjoyed as one, when done properly it will reward you greatly with freedom, time & finance.

I have tried many things over the last 35 years & ran several small businesses, however none of them compare to my current business & the rewards that it gives me.

My only regret is that I never realized that these opportunities were out there and within the reach of an ordinary person like me from a poor background.

I believe that the best opportunities are in Internet marketing & that they are without a doubt some of the most rewarding & exciting businesses that are currently available to everyone almost without exception.

Lastly it is important that you find a business that is honest, ethical & with a sound foundation.

(Tip) Here are some of the most absolute & important criteria you must look for in any business.

The company must a provide a full and free training pro gramme that you can follow, preferably with lots of video tutorials.

The company should have an email helpline, & offer personal 1 to 1 training, along with daily updates, web calls & training.

A personal mentor with his or her personal phone number, and a team of experts on hand to give you the back up that you will need in your early days.

I wish you well in whatever you choose to do with your life, just be sure that you never end up with these words on your lips

"I wish I had done that"

Best wishes Robert Waugh.
About the Author
Karen & I are two ordinary people from good hard working families living in England, UK. We have found a way to help ourselves and others achieve financial freedom from home. We hope you enjoy the Free tour & bonus we have to offer you. Best wishes Rob & Karen. http://www.incomepool.com
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