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The 3 Things You Must Know About The LLC Before You Start An LLC

Jun 21, 2008
Starting an LLC for your business is a necessity in the world today where predators are everywhere looking for ways to take your hard earned personal assets.

But, before you start an LLC, you must learn about the LLC so you do not fall into an unknown trap of personal liability even with an LLC.

This Article summarizes 5 things you should take care of before you start an LLC.

ONE. If you do not start your LLC properly by forming the limited liability company in accordance with your state laws and requirements, you could have a defective LLC. A defective LLC is like building a house with big holes in it or without any locks.

Over time, as predators learn about the LLC you formed, those defects can expose you personally.

Insist on retaining LLC formation services from a company that is knowledgeable about LLC requirements. Beware of fly by night cheap services who do not know the rules.

TWO. Before you start an LLC, you need to come up with an LLC name that works for your business and is available as an LLC name in your state of formation. Many business owners faced major filing delays when they start an LLC.

Make sure your proposed LLC name is available PRIOR to submitting your LLC formation filing. In most states, once a filing is rejected, it could take 3-5 times as long to fix and complete.

Insist on retaining LLC formation services from a company that will work with you to confirm a name is available prior to submitting your filing to start an LLC.

THREE. When you really learn about the LLC, you find out that it does not protect you personally in every instance and situation.

Every business owner should start an LLC because the protection is well worth it, but there are requirements after formation that every LLC owner and manager should know about to preserve the protection and there are some situations where the LLC will not provide protection.

This knowledge is invaluable to a business owner and something you should learn about and understand prior to the time you start an LLC. By learning the fundamentals about the LLC and how it works and does not work, you can better plan for business protection by using other methods to protect you in those areas where the LLC has some limitations.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find this information in an easy to learn format. You can seek the advice of an attorney but this can be quite expensive and most LLC books for business owners out there do not provide the necessary information. Do your homework and make sure you learn this at the beginning of your LLC business.
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