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Did MySpace And FaceBook Kill Picture Rating?

Jun 21, 2008
Remember the old days of the Internet, before the MySpace and FaceBook social-boom, when we would all flock to join Rate My Picture websites to befriend strangers and egotistically rate pictures on a scale from 1-10 to determine if we were hot or not? If not, then it was before your time or when computers cost more than used Cadillacs.

Oh those days of Rating Pictures! You use to check your account religiously just to see if you received new votes with the hopes of being scored high enough to earn fame on the websites top list. Those were the good old days of social networking and self-indulgence!

But times have changed with the new generation of the Internet. With websites like MySpace, FaceBook, and YouTube we no longer barter with strangers for votes to earn a spot in the top 25, we now harass our friends to comment our pictures and profiles with compliments so we can smile and secure them a spot in our own Top 8, 16, or 124.

There is no longer a need for picture rating websites. Because between bottle highlights, fake tanning sprays, and diva knock-off Prada and Coach sun glasses we are ALL hot! And we are all hot because under every photo on our MySpaces and FaceBooks 106 guys and girls agree.

Half of you are sitting there smiling and shaking your heads in agreement. The other half are rolling their eyes and thinking 106 guys? More like 313!. Just because you have 6,000+ friends on MySpace that all tell you you're hotter than Paris Hilton to get your number, doesn't make you any hotter than the next girl! Ouch. The possibility of that statement being even remotely true probably sent you on a psychotic friend requesting frenzy.

While your friends will all tell you you're cute no matter what, strangers with no ulterior motive generally will speak the truth. Your average picture rating website may no longer be hip in 2008 but there are still modern alternatives out there to get your pictures rated and ranked that are still cool to use.

Traditional rating websites give you a 1-10 rating based off anonymous voting. Your score is misleading because you will have no idea who voted for you. You wouldn't brag or complain about a vote from someone if you had zero interest in their opinion, would you? Only if you knew exactly who voted for you!

A modern rating website called PicFights offers a unique spin on rating pictures. Members aren't voted on a 1-10 scale. They are matched up against other members in picture competitions. Once a match is drawn a random member decides the winner. All members can view who they won and lost against, and even who judged the match. It's this in your face approach that once again makes rating pictures fun, addicting, and sometimes even, emotionally damaging!

So take a few minutes away from annoying your friends on MySpace and reminding your ex-classmates on FaceBook that you really do plan to see them this summer, and go register an account on PicFights, or a similar website to not only see how hot you are but how truthful your friends are the next time they leave you comments!
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