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Communicate to Make the Connection with Your Down-Line

Jun 21, 2008
"You gotta do what you gotta do." How many times have you heard that, concerning something or other? When certain results demand certain efforts, you have to do those certain things. You have to do them even when you don't feel like doing them. To make a connection with your down-line you must communicate on a regular basis with them. You have to make the effort to do so even when you don't feel like doing the work necessary.

As an affiliate marketer, your down-line is a vital part of your business. If you want lasting revenue streams, a trained and inspired down-line will help you achieve that. However, a one-time communication with them by e-mail to say, "welcome" is not enough. You need regular communication by whatever means, to make the affiliate leader-down-line member connection a strong one.

As well, this communication needs to be a dialogue. Ensure a two-way conversation with your down-line members. Encourage them to give you input. Let them know you want regular talks with them about their concerns, ideas, marketing plans, training needs and the like.

A big mistake some affiliate marketers make is talking "to" their down-line, not talking "with" them. If you want to give only speeches and hope no one asks you questions, go into politics. In affiliate marketing, strive to develop a give and take relationship with your team.

It's up to you as an affiliate leader to get the ball rolling. Do it anyway you like. Send off an e-mail, phone, write a letter and mail it if you are so inclined. Text messaging, video chats, even communication through a regular e-newsletter, or even a hard copy one are all methods to consider.

It's great to do some or all of these things to stay connected to your down-line. It's great to be consistently promoting this two-way communication with them. Keeping in touch with your down-line is a way of letting them know you're interested in their success. They will appreciate the efforts you make to involve yourself with them and their business.

You have to meet various down-line members the way they like to meet. Some may prefer a phone call every week. Others may prefer simple e-mail updates where they can choose to respond or not respond. You may have down-line members in your region who want personal meetings.

When you need to have a general training session with your team, choose the meeting platform the majority prefers. This will facilitate getting the training done quickly. If some down-line members require additional fine-tuning, meet them individually through their preferred medium. With a general meeting, you want to accommodate the majority, though.

Good old in-person, one-on-one conversation is still a great way to connect. This is not always practical due to your down-line probably being all over the country, and maybe even the world. It is possible, though, with those who live close to you. It doesn't hurt to do this if you are able; just to add some of the human element to your affiliate business. These days we connect less and less with human beings due to sitting in front of our PC's all day.

In the end, the important thing is to communicate to connect. Make a connection with your down-line through all the methods mentioned. Again, phone calls, newsletters, mobile messages, or anything else will work. Make these connections on a regular basis. When you stay connected to your down-line team, they work harder for you, knowing they have your backing to help them build their business.
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