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How Freebies Generate Leads for Websites

Jun 21, 2008
You'd have a hard time finding anyone who doesn't like getting something for nothing. We all like the sound of the word "free". This has long been something used by businesses to get people in their doors. This technique translates to the online world too. You can use freebies to get more web traffic and to generate leads.

Of course, not each and every visitor to a website is necessarily ready or willing to make a purchase. A lot of people like too go from site to site comparing what each business has to offer before making a decision.

They may even go back and forth between a few sites many times before deciding. Remember your website has two purposes, both important. One is to be the place where customers make purchases, the other is to serve as a method of generating leads for future marketing efforts.

A newsletter is a very common giveaway item. People must opt in to your mailing list in order to receive this; and with every newsletter or ezine subscription, you have garnered a new lead. Eventually you will build a very large list of prospects. Besides this, you can email your leads announcements about new products. This is an ideal situation, these are people already interested in your business.

To increase the number of people signing up for their freebies, site owners will often use additional incentives such as an ebook. This adds another incentive for your visitors and can make the difference between a sale down the road or no sale at all. If you make this extra giveaway a limited time offer, it will increase the odds of prospects opting in to your list right away rather than waiting (and as likely as not, forgetting).

Also not to be forgotten is the information on your target market that a giveaway can yield. Don't get it? It's simple if you have a large response to a giveaway, you then know that this item is something which is in demand among your target market. This information can be very useful when working out new products.

The only downside to offering these sorts of freebies is that there will be those who are drawn by the giveaway alone, but have no intention of making a purchase now or later. You can of course cut down on this by tying the giveaway to an action you want your prospective clients to take. This will keep the freebie attractive to those whom you can make a sale to, but not so compelling to those who merely want something for nothing.

One thing done by many internet based marketers is to build an online community, with a giveaway being free membership in this community. You can restrict parts of the site to members, allow members to post profiles and so on. You can require information such as name and email to join.

Marketing professionals will tell you that freebies on average triple the response rate which keeps your costs per lead much lower. The freebie can make your campaign cost a little more, but the higher volume of leads, as well as the higher quality of leads will more than make up for this cost.
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