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The Power of Having a Vision - Part One

Jun 21, 2008
For many years I heard that you had to start with a vision for your business or your life if you really wanted to succeed, but no one could explain to me why it was needed or how it worked from a practical or scientific standpoint.

When I was young and na´ve, I was skeptical and wanted empirical evidence showing me why I should invest my thoughts and time into really thinking about a vision for my life and business, and why getting absolutely clear by writing it down was imperative to my achieving success.

At the ripe young age of 21, I got into business at a very young age. For the next 26 years, I stayed on a healthy mental diet to train my brain, and followed the belief of allowing the universe to guide me and bring me whatever I needed to fulfill my visions of being financially free and living an extraordinary life.

After building four multi-million dollar businesses -- one of which grosses more than $5 billion a year in sales -- and having made millions of dollars for myself and others, I began to search for the answers to the question I'd had 25 years earlier -- "Why is having a clear and precise vision so important?"

Since I wanted more for myself, I sought out the best minds, researchers, and teachers in the world to teach me how to have an abundant life in all areas.

So, what did I learn that you can apply immediately and benefit from my lessons?

Simple: without a clear and precise vision of exactly what it is you want, you'll never reach it or have it.

Now of course I will not leave you hanging without understanding why.
My research has taken me into the world of quantum physics and neuroscience for the answer to the question "why is it so important to start with a vision?"

Let's start with the world of quantum physics. First and foremost, quantum physics is the study of how the very small world, one we cannot see with our eyes, operates. Since we live in two worlds -- one that we can see -- and one that we cannot, it's important for us to know what these two worlds offer us. Scientifically we now know that even though we cannot see any connection, both worlds are totally interconnected at every level.

Newtonian physics helps us understand how to navigate the known physical world, and quantum physics helps us to understand the very intelligent non-physical world in which everything is connected to everything else, and from which and all known physical "things" are manifested.

What we've discovered in this new realm of quantum research is that whatever we focus on and emotionalize often, is what we will attract and actually see in the quantum field of all possibilities, or better yet, probabilities.

As weird as this may sound, this is now being proven without a shadow of a doubt. What this means is that the more clearly focused we are on exactly what we want, the easier and faster we'll manifest everything we need to make it a physical reality.

Since all material things move from the non-physical to the physical reality, our vision and goals are paramount in the process of achievement. Our vision and focus acts like a magnet that attracts and connects the pieces together.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the universe operates by natural laws, exact precision, and perfect order. Our vision, then, must also be precise and exact in our mind in order for whatever we need to be attracted and shown to us by the intelligent forces that govern all of creation. When we focus our brain on what we want, we actually increase the amplitude of the cellular vibration and cause the "attraction" factor to really take shape.

Just like a magnifying glass can focus the sun's rays and create a fire, focusing on our vision and goals keeps you in the right vibration and attraction field.

When we choose a vision or goal that is bigger than our current reality, we are in essence creating a gap or a vacuum between what we want and where we currently are. We know from natural law that nature fills a void or gap in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

This article is adapted from The Answer, by John Assaraf and Murray Smith (Atria Books), and reprinted with the permission of the authors.
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John Assaraf and Murray Smith co-wrote The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life. Assaraf is a New York Times best selling author, and featured in The Secret. Murray is known for corporate turn around work, most notably for taking the Indian Motorcycle trademark from bankruptcy into a $300 million company. For more on The Answer and the authors, visit: Read The Answer.
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