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6 Article Marketing Tips

Jun 21, 2008
I believe that the debate on whether article marketing is effective or not is over. For people who do it correctly article marketing can be a tremendous source of quality traffic. In this article let's take a look at six article marketing tips that can make your use of articles more effective.

1. Be consistent in how you market with articles. As is the case with many things online, it is easy to get enthused about something, but then stop doing it when it becomes more like work.

The key to having a successful article marketing campaign is to constantly have articles in the marketplace working on your behalf. You cannot do this by writing five articles one week and then taking two weeks off before you write your next one.

2. The more the merrier is better when it comes to article marketing. You can never have too many articles driving traffic to your website. For this reason you want to get as many articles online as fast as possible.

3. Use an article submission service to target multiple directories. Manually submitting one article a time can be okay if you are getting them into the right directories, but if your goal is to drive traffic to your website from an article you want to be in as many directories as you possibly can.

4. Do not be afraid to hire writers to write articles for you. Even if you are a good writer, and enjoy writing, you only have so many hours in the day to write. As your business becomes more and more profitable it is to your benefit to find a good writer and hire them to write for you every week.

5. Learn from your mistakes and improve. Although you do not have to write articles that win a Pulitzer prize, you do want to write articles that are informative, and contain good grammar and proper spelling. Over time, you will become a better writer, if you take the time to see what mistakes you have made in the past.

6. Do not expect results overnight. With the exception of a pay per click advertising campaign, very few Internet marketing advertising generates immediate results. The key with article marketing is that you continue to do it on a consistent basis and are patient. With this type of an attitude you will see results over the long haul.

This is six article marketing tips that will improve your efforts when it comes to using articles to market your business.
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