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2 Ways To Make Writing Articles More Fun

Jun 21, 2008
Writing articles does not have to be a difficult thing to do. For some people it is almost like pulling teeth to get them to sit down and write an article, even though they need to do it. In this article let's take a look at two tips that can help you make writing articles more fun.

1. The first thing we want to talk about is getting the right mindset. If you sit down in front of your computer with the idea that you have to write an article you may, or may not, come up with an article that someone would want to read.

The right mindset for an article starts with how you feel about writing it to begin with. Article writing can be fun because of the results of it can produce.

Keeping track of this by testing the results they generate can be very motivational it comes to getting more articles written. If you are going to link back to your website home page in your resource box, then it is a good idea to put a Google Analytics script in the HTML code of your homepage.

This is great because you will now be able to know exactly where all of your traffic coming from. If you write articles and submit them to multiple directories you will even be able to know which directories are producing the best results from your articles.

Article writing becomes a lot of fun way and you began to derive free traffic from them. So take the time to get the right mindset and use statistics to help motivate yourself.

2. The second thing we want to talk about is the type of articles that you write. Article writing becomes more fun when it is easier to do. For this reason, we suggest that you write numbered lists or bullet point articles.

You can quickly crank out an article if you are writing about something that you know a little bit about. All you need is a introduction paragraph that describes exactly what the articles going to be about.

Then list of three or four bullet points that support your introduction, and then a closing statement that summarizes exactly what you just wrote about.

To properly do this you need to set up a quick outline for each article. Having a clear object in mind for your article will make it more fun to write because your speed will increase.

This two ways to make writing articles more fun. By charting the results in your articles are getting, and having an easy-to-follow format when you write, you will find yourself wanting to set down and write more often.
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