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How To Write A Good Article Resource Box

Jun 21, 2008
As equally important as the article itself is writing a quality article resource box. This is where you get to tell a little bit about yourself, and hopefully get your visitor to click on your website URL. In this article lets talk about how to write a good article resource box that will get the click.

1. Your goal is to get the click. Some people write articles for the benefit of search engines, while others write articles for the benefit of their reader and the traffic they can get from it. Regardless of who you're writing for, your resource box has one goal and that is to get the click from the reader to your website.

2. It should include keywords that are relevant to what the reader will find when they get to your website. If you are writing for search engines, you will want to hyperlink keyword phrases in your resource box. These are words that need to be relevant to the theme of the website that you have.

When writing for the benefit of the reader you want to include keyword phrases that will reflect their mindset and encourage them to come learn more about you.

3. You may want to change the keywords to reflect the theme of the article. Although the theme of your website may target specific keywords, you may want to change those in the resource box to reflect the theme of the article. This makes sense and can be helpful in getting the click through to your website URL.

4. It should be creative and help you stand out from your competitors. Internet marketing is a competitive business, and if you have a competitive advantage that you have earned, you want to tell all your reader about that in the resource box.

5. It does not have to be long to get the job done. Some of the best resource boxes are short and precise. They offer just enough information to encourage your reader to click on your website URL and come learn more about you.

You can become an Internet marketing spy and look at some other resource boxes of highly published authors. For example, you can go to Ezinearticles.com and click on their expert authors link.

Here you will see the links to people who write literally thousands of articles and submit them to Ezinearticles.com. By clicking on some of their articles, and looking at the resource boxes, you will come up with some excellent ideas for creating a good article resource box of your own.

In summary a good resource box gets the click. To do that you need to craft a good article resource box that gets the job done. Hopefully this article will help you do that.
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